Ontario as a Travel Destination and Exciting Casinos

Ontario skyline.
Ontario skyline. Source: Depositphotos

The Ontario province has been interesting to tourists around the globe for many years. There really are many things you could do and see here. Despite Niagara Falls, you will also have the chance to visit Ontario’s provincial and National Parks, Royal Ontario Museum, etc. During winter days, there are many places where you can enjoy skiing and other winter sports. 

But, in the last couple of years, Ontario has also become an attractive destination for people that love to gamble. Gambling laws have changed, and people can now enjoy more opportunities than ever before. 

In this article, we would like to explain all the important information about gambling in Ontario for tourists and make your holiday even more pleasant. Let’s start! 

Best Ontario Online Casino Guide: All the Information Tourists Should Know

The Ontario online casino industry has been a taboo subject for a long period. Playing online casino games has been forbidden completely for a long period. However, things drastically changed in 2022. 

Since April 2022, the online gambling industry has been legalized completely. Foreign online casinos saw this change as an opportunity to expand their business to another market. That is the reason why we now have some of the best Ontario online casino sites where people can enjoy a wide range of games like slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. 

However, the newest changes have also attracted scammers as well as low-quality gambling sites. Because of that, you must pay attention to certain features before choosing an online gambling operator while staying in any place in Ontario state. 

It seems that the best Ontario online casinos have similar features based on the recently published guide. All the tourists should check specific details about the Ontario casino and ensure they are completely safe. These are things we would like to discuss in detail more!

Online Casino Must Have the License 

Recognizing the best online casino in Ontario starts with a license. Whatever gambling platform you decide on must have some sort of license confirming the casino’s reliability, quality, and safety. The institution that issued the license should be well-recognized in the global online gambling world. On the other hand, it should be recognized and accepted by local, state, and national gambling laws. 

Casinos Should Be Properly Protected

Top Ontario casino sites always use the most reliable data protection technology. They will get SSL encrypted, which ensures that the data customers share is not visible to anyone else. Even if they use some of the data (not personal) you share, they will state in Privacy Policy how and why they do that. Be sure the information they use won’t compromise you in any way.

Tourists often neglect these two safety check-outs, and they register at the first casino they see. It is a bit risky to register that easily, especially when you are in a foreign country, do you agree?

This is one of the biggest doubts that people have. People from around the world usually got used to similar legal age requirements. People can register at online casinos if they are older than 18. However, in Ontario, things are a bit different. 

Tourists should know that the legal age for online gambling is 19. The same rule counts for traditional gambling as well. You won’t manage to enter any casino in Ontario without showing your ID. 

Youngsters planning to stay in Ontario for a few days or weeks should know that. However, gambling is not completely forbidden for people that are 18. They can enjoy other forms of gambling, such as the lottery and bingo.

Are There Any Brick and Mortar Casinos in Ontario?

We understand that some people would want to spend more time outside their hotel room. Actually, we recommend online gambling before bedtime when you want to relax and have fun after you spent a long day visiting different locations and enjoying different outdoor or indoor activities in Ontario.

However, if you are a huge fan of gambling, you should know that there are brick-and-mortar casinos within the province. Based on our research, there are, in total, 25 slots and casino locations in this state. 

What Are the Biggest Brick and Mortar Casinos in Canada?

Traditional casinos are not just places where people want to have fun and potentially earn some money. They have become some sort of tourist attraction that people want to visit when they come to this lovely Canadian province. But you definitely won’t have enough time to visit all of them. That is the reason why we suggest you visit the biggest ones. But it is worth mentioning that they are often crowdy. If you want to avoid crowds, you can gamble at some of the best online casinos in Canada. Let’s find them out!

Casino Niagara

Without any doubt, gambling enthusiasts that plan to come to Ontario should visit Niagara Falls casino. The diversity and number of games here are amazing. You will find more than 1500 slot machines in one place!! On the other hand, there are also 45 gaming tables. But it is worth mentioning that gambling is not your only option. There are venues where you can enjoy local and international meals and drinks and have fun while listening to live music. This most certainly is the place that an average gambling enthusiast would love to visit. 

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino

At Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, you will find many people from Western Europe, the USA, and Canada. We must admit that this place is constantly crowded. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. In total, you will find more than 2200 slot games and around 80 table game options. Almost every day, some tournaments are organized here, so we believe you would want to test your luck and compete with people from different parts of the world. 


These are all the details an average tourist passionate about gambling should know. Ontario definitely is becoming one of the gambling destinations, and its popularity is growing year by year. We are sure you will enjoy spending time at some of the biggest casinos across Canada. However, if you would rather decide to avoid crowds, online casinos are also an incredible alternative, especially in the last couple of months!