Online Casinos in Ontario: Legality and Key Facts

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Being relatively new in the province, the online gambling industry in Ontario seems to offer commercial casino providers amazing benefits. However, it might not be an easy battle for them. In Canada, there are more than 19 million active gamblers, and that number is only increasing daily.


According to Frank P. Mickens, a distinguished betting expert, not everyone can play games in an internet gaming portal in Ontario. He explains that there are strict regulations concerning individuals gambling in the province. It is also essential to find out the best gaming portals from reviews sites such as before you sign up.


This article reveals all you need to know about online casinos in Ontario. So, if you want to know more about the legality of gaming portals in this province and what to avoid, read on.


Ontario Online Casinos And Legality

When the C-218 was passed into a bill that enables the Canadian provinces to legalize and regulate sports wagering, the news came as a sweet melody. Before then, the Canadian government didn’t legalize online gambling in Ontario. Following the legality of online gambling platforms in Canada, the province of Ontario launched sports betting and online casinos in April this year.


The OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) regulates online gambling in Ontario. It implies that the firm will be monitoring and supervising everything concerning mobile gaming portals. Physically, in Ontario, racetracks and casinos will provide slot machines and OLG-compliant games.


Who Can Gamble In Ontario Online Casinos?

According to the new gaming law in Ontario, licensed casinos should only allow 19 years old and above users to gamble on their platforms. The users can gamble with real funds on the supported classic mobile games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker, slots, and others.


However, one thing to note is that the verification process for these gambling sites is usually thorough. The reason it’s this long is that the legislation requires casino websites to provide valid and concise details of registered users of their platforms. So, you’ll be required to provide bio-data information like your driving license. 


How To Deposit And Withdraw Funds From Ontario Online Casinos

Gambling in online casinos is pretty much easy but can seem like a tricky process for rookies. One key thing you must understand is how to deposit and withdraw cash to and from these platforms. Let’s discuss the procedures for depositing on virtual gaming platforms and how to withdraw from them.


  1. Find a Good Online Casino

There are tons of good gaming establishments that provide virtual gambling services in Ontario. In fact, since the online casinos in the province just recently commenced, there are very strict regulations for commercial gambling providers. So, gambling in an insecure and distrustful iGaming platform is less likely.


  1. Sign up and Verify Your Account

When you’ve found the gaming portal to bet on, you’ll need to register to be able to gamble with real money and withdraw your profits. So, click on the ‘Sign up’ button and provide your details. After that, you will receive a mail requesting you to confirm your account and provide further personal data. Ensure to do so before verifying your identity.


  1. Deposit Cash and Wager

Then, you can deposit your funds into the platform and begin to wager on any desired game. It’s worth noting that there are several types of online casinos in Ontario you can pick from. Choose the one that you’re most acquainted with.


  1. Withdraw Your Profits

When you’ve gambled up to a point and made your profits, you’ll need to click on the ‘withdraw’ button and provide your bank details where the winnings will be sent to.


Things To Expect At A Licensed Casino In Ontario

You must observe and expect some things when gambling in an internet gaming portal. Let’s discuss them below.


  1. Ease of Access 

The portal must be easy to use and beginner-friendly. Most internet gambling sites are jampacked and rather confusing to work with. So, you should ensure to use a platform that is easy to understand.

  1. Bonuses

Another thing to watch out for is the bonuses the platforms are offering. Usually, iGaming platforms provide better bonuses than physical gambling establishments.


So, it’s worthy to note that the Ontario online casino should offer enticing benefits for you. There are different benefits, including deposits, no-deposit, and other kinds of bonuses.


  1. Fully Responsive Client Support

Since iGaming platforms are accessed remotely, the platforms must provide proactive customer support. Users must be able to reach out to the support team for assistance via various communication means.


The Future of Canada’s Online Gambling Industry

While Canada doesn’t seem like a gambling hub from afar, the country’s market volume isn’t one to overlook. Canadians have a thing for the gambling industry.


Residents within the country have also grown interested in iGaming and are investing large sums in offshore casinos. The Canadian government, although regulating the betting providers, doesn’t appear to be against gambling or banning it soon.



Online gaming portals are a relatively new breed within the Ontario province. The more renowned casinos are offline establishments. Users must be 19 years or more to gamble on the websites, and the internet gaming houses should be able to provide several tools and features to help bettors enjoy an optimum experience.

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