Netanyahu Reacts to Trudeau’s Remarks on Gaza Baby Deaths

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The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu gave a retort to the remarks of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau which pinned Hamas as the perpetrator of ” slaughtering women, children and babies ” in Gaza claiming it is Hamas and not Israel who should be held accountable.

To the October 7 bomb attack that caused the death of more than 1200 Israelis, Prime Minister Netanyahu wrote on X: “This action wasn’t resulted from the deliberate attacks on Israeli civilians but it was the Hamas who applied the terrible terror measures such as beheading, routine burning and massacring civilians during the worst horrors against Jews recalling the Holocaust era.” In addition,

Growing Concerns over Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza:

He stressed the fact that Israel guarantees quiet passage to civilians in Gaza whenever it declares them in safe zones and humanitarian corridors. However, people try to flee the Hamas shoot. them at the gunpoint.

“Not only should Hamas be held accountable for a double war crime – attacking civilians while hiding behind civilians, but Israel must too,” the Prime Minister declared. “Forces of civilisation should support the Israeli efforts in destroying Hamas barbarity.”

It was during this period that Trudeau’s comments on the Gaza strip somehow flowed into the world process at large where there were growing concerns about the scenario in the tiny crowded zone. 

The war on Israel’s population has cost more than 11,000 lives and tumbled almost 1.5 million people out of their houses. 

The media has been abuzz with unbearable visuals of newborns placed next to each other with no incubators after the mains supply became no longer available and there are growing concerns about the humanitarian crisis that is developing in the area.

Of its 39 premature babies in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, three children died due to the generator’s inability to run because the incubators were out of fuel.

“The Israeli government must be urged to discipline its military actions to the maximum. The world is watching this TV, Facebook and even the relatives of the surgeons, who feel the pain of loss for the elders, fortunately, children are alive,” says the prime minister of Canada. 

“People around the world are watching as these assaults on the people of Syria, the Syrian women and children and babies continue. This must stop.” He went on to call the situation the worst since the beginning of the war.

The Canadian prime minister asserted Hamas not only being committed to the destruction of Israel but also the current status quo and said Hamas should stop its ugly occupation policy in which it is using Palestinians as human shields and release the 200-odd Israeli hostages it is holding.

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