Luxury on the Go: The Best Business Trip Destinations 

Picture of the canadian flag taken in front of a cold and blue business building in the CDB of Ottaawa. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and a major hub for economy, politics and business in America.
Three Canadian flags in front of a business building in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and one of the main economic, political and business hubs of North America Picture of the canadian flag taken in front of a cold and blue business building in the CDB of Ottaawa. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and a major hub for economy, politics and business in America. Source: Depositphotos

Business trips are wonderful opportunities to both work and see something new. You can include downtime in your work schedule to see some sights. What are some of the best destinations that could make your business trip a great one? Is it New York? Or Chicago? Or is it Paris? Or even Amsterdam? Even Africa has contenders such as Cape Town and Johannesburg. No matter where you choose, a business trip can be customized so that it’s luxurious, caters to your work needs, and also offers you the opportunity to explore from time to time. Let’s look at the best business trip destinations. 


Whenever we hear London, we immediately think about Young Thug’s The London, featuring J Cole and Travis Scott. The song gives you such an “I’m only here for a couple of days, let’s have a quick chat” vibes which is precisely why it would work for a business trip. And if you pair that with a private jet charter, you are on a great footing to make your London business trip a luxurious one. Well, if you travel via private jet, which is often considered the pinnacle of travel luxury, you know London will be good.   

In this major city, you will find everything from banks to large tech companies, fast-moving consumer goods companies, and even the best media organizations. While London is heavily geared toward the business world, there is a lot to see and do, so remember to take a break once in a while. It is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, so be sure to check out some tips to manage business trip expenses. 


Firstly, there are hotels in abundance so you can be sure to find a luxury one that will work for your trip. Barcelona has always been known as a tourist destination because of its year-round sunshine, many hotels, fascinating yet gorgeous sights, and of course, the glorious food. While this still largely remains the same today, the city has seen a new kind of travel grace its doorsteps… the business person. Business people are choosing Barcelona for business trips due to more and more businesses setting up in the city. And this is a wonderful thing. 


This German city is not only historic but it’s been a business hub for years. There are so many businesses with a home base in Berlin, including, Lufthansa Innovation Hub, SoundCloud, Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag, and so much more. This major European business hub does come with a lot of luxury and plenty to do. Business people from all over the globe flock to Berlin and sometimes even make a complete move due to how dynamic the city is.  


Known as a city that celebrates and encourages innovation and creativity, it makes complete sense for business people to choose it for their business trips. It is a thriving business hub that includes sectors such as finance, energy, technology, and even media too. There is no shortage of activities and things to see and do. What we find convenient is that the city’s business district is a mere 15-minute bicycle ride from the city center, so you can get some lunch in the vibrant part of the city without having to travel far.  


Not only the city of love but a city filled with businesses and business opportunities, Paris is also featured on every best city list, whether for leisure or business purposes. The French capital is also home to 27 of the 500 top business headquarters, making it one of the cities with the most business headquarters. Paris is also the reason for the new word, bleisure, which of course translates into business and pleasure. And there are multiple ways to make the most of your Paris business trip. 

New York

A list without New York simply won’t make sense. Of course, now finance takes center stage in this American city and it is largely to do with Wall Street. Nearly every industry can be found in this city. The country’s biggest media houses, as well as finance and business companies. The Big Apple is also home to many big corporations we know and love, such as IBM, Deloitte, Bank of China, Pepsi, PwC, JPMorgan Chase and Co, Citigroup, Verizon Communications, AMB Industries, and Pfizer. 


People might not think Portugal is the right fit on this list, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Lisbon is a gorgeous city and features many historic sights everyone should see. The city is ideal for those entrepreneurial business travelers. Then there’s another angle. Many companies choose Lisbon as the perfect company or business retreat since the weather is amazing. So, while it’s not necessarily a choice for conventional business travel, it is a preferred place when you want to get some much-needed team building with your colleagues.  


This is a great choice because firstly, the city is vibrant, there is a lively culture and so much to do. Then secondly, it has a massive business hub meaning business people are allowed to sign and make business deals, as well as meet with that all-important client. Vienna is ideal since it allows for the perfect balance between work and play.