Loyal Slavic wives — a myth or reality?

Dating outside.
Dating outside. Source: Depositphotos

There are plenty of talks and discussions around Slavic wives. They are so much desired by men all over the globe. Some people adore Slavic culture while others literally hate it calling Slavic women cold and high maintenance. Which of that is true, actually? Are Slavic wives the best in the world or are they going to make you miserable? 

In the guide below, you will learn everything you need to know about wives from Slavic countries. See what their attitude to men, dating and relationships is, and what you should expect from Slavic women. 

What is Slavic family culture like?

Slavic culture is known as one of the most traditional ones when it comes to dating and relationships. “Slavic women are loyal, loving, and committed”. (Source: https://datingserviceusa.net/slavic-brides/ ). This statement, of course, cannot be applied to all women from Slavic countries. Multiple countries with absolutely different people relate to Slavic destinations.

However, in general, this is true. The truth is that in Slavic culture, wives should take their families and husbands seriously. They have been educated like that and inherited this feature from their mothers, grandmothers, etc. Every (almost every) Slavic wife is loyal, committed, devoted, and very caring. They make wonderful mothers and raise their children themselves. 

Slavic wives find a very good balance between their family lives and careers. If she needs to choose between the two, she most likely will choose a family, husband, and raising her children. Slavic girls are very good housewives. They can cook greatly, their husbands are never hungry and always well-cared for. These girls feed their children healthy food and teach them reading, drawing, and everything else themselves. 

There are certain stereotypes related to Slavic wives. Thus, you should know that Slavic wives do not:

  • Marry at a young age anymore;
  • Serve their husbands 24/7;
  • Marry foreigners for the sake of changing their citizenship and place of living;
  • Provide for themselves in marriage — this is a responsibility of their husbands. 

How to find a Slavic wife

Women from Slavic countries happily marry foreign guys nowadays. There is no iron curtain anymore and they do not need to get married for the sake of moving to another country. You can easily travel to any of the Slavic destinations and meet her there. Slavic wives speak English in most cases and can freely communicate with you, go on dates, and get to know you.

However, lots of such countries are full of sex tourists and local girls are aware of that. They are cautious of all foreigners arriving in their cities and asking girls out. This is understandable. No one wants to become a victim of a sex tourist. If you ask a Slavic woman out somewhere in the street or meet her in a public place, she will be most likely cautious. Do not be surprised if you are rejected. 

There are plenty of other alternative ways to get your wife from one of the Slavic countries. Check them out right now.

Try online dating

The most proven way to get Slavic wives is to meet them through a dating app or on a dating website. Unfortunately, they hardly use free dating apps or sites. They do not consider those men serious. Slavic girls prefer reliable and serious dating platforms to free chats or apps where users do not even pass certain verifications. 

A good Slavic dating portal is something you need when it comes to the search for a loyal and decent wife. The largest number of couples between Slavic women and western men are created exactly on such websites. They managed to substitute for traditional dating. 

If your goal is to conquer Slavic wives and bring them to your country someday, you need to check the following tips:

  • Your profile picture should be recent and decent (make sure your face is well-seen, you are alone in your photo, and it is not older than 6 months; avoid wearing sunglasses in it);
  • Don’t brag (Slavic women do not really take you seriously if you boast about your money, car, or anything else);
  • Avoid speaking badly about your ex-wife or girlfriend (they will think you will do the same if something goes wrong with them);
  • Try not to overwhelm her with messages or chat requests, everyone is working and has some personal life apart from a website (Slavic women appreciate their personal space);
  • Remain natural, don’t cause any pressure, and give her time to agree to go on a date with you. 

Are you interested in learning more about online dating or how to date women from Slavic countries successfully? Check different categories on DatingServiceUSA and be aware of the latest tendencies in the world of dating and whatever you are interested in in terms of relationships. This information will be very helpful for you and might even let you improve your current relationships.