Impact of using guides and support services in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft gameplay.
World of Warcraft gameplay. Source: Shutterstock

In order to fully reveal all the features of the World of Warcraft project, it is not enough just to follow the basic tutorial offered by the MMO RPG. It is important to find and read good guides and tips that will help you play meaningfully, and not rely solely on chance and the options offered by the game for pumping and character development.

In WoW, a player can reach level 70 – this is the maximum development threshold for the current Dragonflight update. The first 20 levels the player will receive in-game training – quests, general principles of movement and attacks, class skills and the first equipment.

Most players drop World of Warcraft at levels 40-50. The reason is a sharp decrease in experience gained and often the wrong vector of class development – skills lose their effectiveness and the character becomes useless in PVP and PVE.

To avoid this, it is better to watch manuals and use auxiliary services at the first stages.


First of all, Skycoach should be regarded as a resource from which you can draw useful services and materials.

World of Warcraft does not encourage trading in in-game items, so professional Skycoach players use several levels of disguise to protect the client and his personal data.

Gold supplies for players

By themselves, the procedures for the supply of gold are not legal in terms of game rules and can be blocked by the game administration. To prevent this, Skycoach uses several stages of transaction masking and does everything to protect the client. The service guarantees a refund in case of disputes.

Gold will be needed for literally all types of goods in the World of Warcraft, which can be transferred from a player to another player.

Game mechanics training

If we consider World of Warcraft as a project to which you are ready to devote most of your time and really strive to succeed as a player and win fame on the Azeroth server.

Training is useful in that it gives you a more conscious approach to character development with the help of a professional Skycoach player who specializes in your game class.

What the trainer will teach you:

  1. A general understanding of the basics of World of Warcraft – quests, combat techniques, farming monsters.
  2. Leveling mechanics – main and secondary tasks, farm locations, raids.
  3. Basic principles of game skills and talents for your character. If you understand the technique of study and the correct application for efficiency, then the character will be relevant up to level 70.
  4. Analysis of the PVP mechanics and the behavior of your character in a collision with representatives of the enemy faction – after level 20, all locations will be adjacent and battles can occur quite often.

Character leveling services

To quickly move from starting locations to the new Dragonflight update, you need to get level 60 – this is the minimum stage to move on to new quests and send to the Dragon Islands.

Boosting is done by transferring an account to a professional Skycoach player to provide the service.

To ensure security, login is carried out with VPN activated and the service guarantees the safety of personal data during the service. Upon completion, it is highly recommended to change the password. All mined gold, materials and, if you’re lucky, equipment remain on the game account as a bonus.


Word of Warcraft coaching
Source: Website

Blizzard forums

The forum should be taken as one of the alternative ways to get information about the project directly from other players.

Gamers create posts to search for Soglidians and players in permanent groups, share their experience with newcomers and other players.

On the forum, you can get answers to many questions – for example, you need to understand the basic characteristics for your character in order to select the appropriate equipment and jewelry. For a magician, the mastery parameter will be important – this characteristic affects the strength and quality of the skills used. The higher the parameter, the more often critical attacks for magic skills will work, increasing the effectiveness by two and increasing the chance of debuffs.

Create your own post if the forum does not have the discussions and answers you need on the forum.

Write down your request and gradually the message will be filled with comments with explanations. Some of the messages will be sorted by other players and will be evaluated, and from the most valuable you will find answers to your questions.

Source: Website


When you need to find detailed and step-by-step instructions for playing in certain conditions and on the selected character, Wovhead will help you. This is a large database of guides and detailed descriptions and recommendations for beginners, created by other players.

For example, you want to play a magic character – you go to the site and select the appropriate section and see that the magician class will gradually get its branching with a number of differences.

Fire Mage is suitable for anyone who likes to farm monsters in large groups – the character will deal AoE damage and apply additional burn effects that cause additional damage.

Ice Mage will suit players who like PvP against single targets. Most skills are designed to deal damage and apply negative effects of hypothermia, which will reduce the overall potential of enemies and make it impossible for them to move.

Arcane magic – choosing such a branch of development will give you a series of powerful magical attacks that need to be applied one after another. The first spell deals heavy damage and applies effects, if the skill worked, only then can the next hit, which will deal even more damage.

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