How to Win More Frequently and More often

Casino gaming.
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Gambling entertainment has always attracted attention. The feeling of adrenaline in the blood, which is caused by gambling, brings a lot of pleasure. Nevertheless, as soon as a beginner begins to make bets, he realizes that everything seemed simple only from the outside. The main problem of beginners is frequent losses, but they can be avoided by avoiding trivial mistakes. experts have repeatedly noted that gambling consists of 30% experience and 70% of luck. Yes, most often the result depends on a fraction of chance, but there are 30% that help you win more often and more often. If a beginner approaches the betting responsibly and is able to analyze the gameplay, he will be able to reduce the frequency of losses.

Our experts have compiled the top 10 tips to help beginners reduce risks and increase the chances of winning. We also talk in detail about online casino bonuses that should be used by beginner gamblers. Additionally, you’ll learn about the main games where it’s better to rely not only on luck, but also on your knowledge.

10 tips for beginners in gambling

You should understand that there is no instruction that allows you to win 100% of the time. Nevertheless, there are some recommendations from experts and experienced players that will help you win more often. As a rule, beginners lose not so much because of their luck, but because of trivial mistakes. So you avoid mistakes and be prepared for anything and win more often, the experts of collected the top 10 tips.

10. Learn the rules and principles of the game

In any business, it’s important to understand what your goals are and what you have to work with. Newcomers, having watched a lot of inspirational videos on the internet, often have the misconception that everything in the gambling world is simple and easy. They choose a game and immediately start betting. As a result, they lose a lot of money or even their entire fortune. 

Before you make a bet, in any gambling entertainment, it is necessary to study the rules and principles of the gameplay. You should clearly understand what you need to do to win, how the bonus features work, what affects the size of bets, etc. The better you know the rules, the less likely you are to make trivial mistakes.

Some online casinos have information about games and detailed instructions, others do not provide such information. You can find a lot of useful information on our site about the most popular games, strategies and tactics. Educate yourself, the more knowledge you have in store, the better your chances of winning. With us, you can also run free demo games to gain invaluable experience and test the effectiveness of strategies.

9. Check out the free lessons

Some online casinos have free lessons on certain games. We recommend that newbies always view these lessons in order to become a true professional. You can run the game and familiarize yourself with the rules in its interface, but not always a beginner understands everything that is written there. A free lesson allows you to see for yourself how to play and what the odds of winning depend on.

Some online casino games can be understood in a few minutes, such as slot machines. Other games require deeper analysis and study. Keep in mind that while in the same slots, winning is always random, in card games you can increase your chances by applying strategies. There are some games where it is very important to learn all the rules and apply strategies:

  • Poker is the most popular card game in the world, in which the highest card combination wins. If a beginner sits down at the poker table without learning the rules beforehand, he is almost 100% likely to lose. Experienced players use strategies at the poker table; they have proven to be effective in practice.
  • Blackjack is a popular card game in Canada, where the gambler needs to collect 21 points or as close to this value. Thanks to the simplicity of its rules and high speed of gameplay, it is popular among newcomers. Studying the rules and strategies in this gambling game is a must.
  • Baccarat is another card game that is popular among Canadian gamblers. The main objective is to collect 9 points from the cards dealt or to beat the dealer. Before playing, it is very important to learn the rules and strategies, because even a trivial mistake will lead to financial losses. 
  • Roulette is one of the oldest and best known casino games. Roulette is a very popular game at online casinos because it is so easy to learn and can bring big winnings. In order to win at roulette more often and more, you need to apply the study of all possible bets.

Newbies often neglect free lessons from casinos, because they take time. Nevertheless, if you run an unfamiliar game and make real bets right away, you will lose everything.

8. Make every decision responsibly.

Haste is one of the main problems with newcomers. Whether you’re betting on slot machines, card games or roulette, you always have to make certain decisions. To take or not to take an extra card, to take your winnings or try to double them, to discard your cards or to continue playing. A wrong choice leads not just to losing, but also to serious financial losses. That’s why we recommend beginners not to rush, but to think thoroughly on each decision. Playing impulsively, you can observe a certain succession of winnings, but as a result you will lose everything.

7. Choose the best odds

This advice applies more to those players who bet on sports or other events. The amount of winnings in such gambling entertainment depends on the odds set by the bookmaker’s office. The more players make the same bet, the lower the odds, the fewer players choose a certain bet, the higher the odds it has.

First of all, go to several bookmaker’s offices that allow you to bet on the same event. Often the odds differ depending on which gaming platform you choose. This will allow you to make a bet with maximum profit. Note also that the lower the odds, the greater the winnings, but also the risks increase. A low (odds) allows you to win less, but the risks will be minimal.

6. Determine your budget and limits right away

The main danger for a player in the gambling industry is addiction. Beginners often underestimate the power of this factor, which as a result becomes the cause of serious financial problems. Gamblers with addiction always try to win back the more they lose, the more problems they create. That is why the strict financial control is the guarantee of the minimum risks.

Before you walk into a land-based casino building or visit a gaming platform website, you need to determine your limits. Determine the amount you are willing to lose without serious financial loss. Think about how much money you want to win, but don’t try to reach that value at all costs. Remember that losing at a casino is a common and widespread occurrence. That is why, by setting limits, you will not be able to lose more than what you are allowed to lose.

Setting a limit on winnings seems crazy, because the more, the better. But that’s one of the biggest mistakes beginners make. If you are lucky and win a certain amount of money, sometimes it is better to cash out and walk away without trying to win more. The more you try to win, the more likely it is that you will end up losing everything. 

We recommend that beginners play for small amounts of money, only amounts that you can lose without serious problems. An amount of 5-10 Canadian dollars may be optimal. If you lose this money, you will not experience severe frustration and serious problems related to finances, you will not have to look for money in debt, etc. If everything works out well, even 5 or 10 Canadian dollars will allow you to win dozens of times more. Look for gaming platforms where you can play with minimum bets of a few cents or 1 Canadian dollar. After all, some online casinos only offer big bets. 

5. Change your attitude to gambling

A common mistake of beginners is that they treat gambling as a way to make money. This is a mistake, because you can’t make a stable and constant profit, a series of losses can rob you of your entire fortune. You should not rely on online casino or bookmaker games as a way to make money for a living. In this sphere, the winnings received are a nice bonus and not the main goal.

Treat gambling entertainment as a pleasant recreation that gives you pleasure. In a casino, you pay money for pleasure, but in no way for the possibility of winning. Spend a reasonable amount of money on this entertainment. But do not look at other players and take their example, everyone has different financial capabilities, some are ready to spend only 10 Canadian dollars, while others spend tens of thousands and for them it is normal. 

For example, in international poker tournaments, the prize pools amount to millions of dollars, and players make very large bets. Nevertheless, there will be only one winner, the other participants will lose their money. That is why, change your attitude to gambling, have fun and then the winnings will be more pleasant and frequent phenomenon.

4. Responsibly choose a gambling establishment

Newcomers do not always pay attention to the parameters of quality and reliability of the gaming platform on which they are ready to make real bets. This is a mistake that can cause very large financial losses. That’s why, before you make real bets at an online casino, make sure that it is reliable and safe.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the license to legally operate the gaming platform. A reputable license is given only to verified casinos, you can trust them with your money. The presence of game software from reliable providers also indicates the safety of the gaming platform. Additionally, we recommend you pay attention to the bonus system, the variety of games, the support service, and the feedback from gamblers.

3. Start with small bets and simple games

As we said earlier, initially decide on the size of your budget. For beginners, we recommend starting with a small deposit so that losses don’t hurt. It may be 50-100 CAD, which will be enough to test your luck, try some interesting games and even get your first winnings. 

 Give preference to simple games, where there are no complicated rules and terms that you do not understand. Blackjack, mini-baccarat, slot machines, arcade games can all be found in one online casino. Simple games are ideal for beginners, they develop discipline and the right attitude towards gambling in general.

2. Do not play while intoxicated

Many experts point out that this is a basic rule for beginners, which should not be ignored. When intoxicated, you have no control over your actions, you make spontaneous decisions, you make a lot of mistakes, you forget about the limits. If we’re talking about land-based casinos, it is very likely that you can’t play there while intoxicated, you will simply be asked to leave the room. But the casino may independently offer the player alcoholic beverages so that he loses his vigilance and loses as much as possible. If you are playing at home in an online casino, also do not lose vigilance, approach the process soberly.

1. Try different casino games

The variety of gambling entertainment is very large, you should not get hung up on one. Many newcomers start from slot machines and do not even try something else. Perhaps you are luckier in dice, roulette or card games. Simple games you master very quickly, and then you can choose the best option for your style of betting. At the same time, try to avoid complex games, leave them for the future.

Gradually is important in everything, gambling is no exception. But always pay attention to the availability of choice, because it will mean that the casino cares about its players and reputation, and wants to leave only positive feedback. The good news is that the best online casino in Сanada offers a wide variety of games to suit all tastes and pockets to give you a great night out. But how do you know which casinos are really the best? Fortunately, there are independent portals that do reviews on these kinds of sites, such as There you will find ratings, detailed instructions and advice from reputable experts.

 “Firstly, a gambling site must meet all security standards to protect players’ personal data and their financial transactions. To check this, you need to pay attention to whether the site has the appropriate license, which indicates its legality”, recommends one of the casino expert of such web portal, Robert Lewis.

We hope that these tips will save you from disappointment.  Choose only the best casinos and enjoy an unforgettable game!

Online casino bonuses that beginners should pay attention to

Newcomers do not always pay attention to online casino bonuses, and after all, this is something that can increase the chances of winning and reduce the risks. The team collected up-to-date information on all possible bonuses on the pages of their website. But let’s talk about which bonuses will be most useful to newcomers.

“I have always said that it is online casino bonuses that make virtual gambling entertainment as interesting as possible for gamblers. — Robert Lewis.”

It is important to note that each online casino in Canada develops its own unique bonus system. Newcomers should pay attention to such bonuses:

  • Welcome bonuses—present in almost every online casino in Canada, the most interesting for newcomers. Only new players who create an account on the gaming platform website for the first time can get bonuses. The bonus is given for registering and making the first few deposits. As a rule, this is the biggest online casino bonus, its task is to attract the attention of newcomers and keep them on the platform. As a gift, gamblers get extra money in the amount of 100-300% of the first deposit. Often, in addition to the money the player receives free spins, from 100 to 200 spins in certain slots.
  • No deposit bonus is the most interesting offer for newcomers. The main point is that to get the bonus, the gambler does not need to make a deposit, no need to risk his money. As a rule, the bonus is given for a simple registration on the website of the gaming platform. The amount of the bonus is small, it may be from 10 to 50 Canadian dollars to the bonus account or from 20 to 50 free spins on a particular slot machine. Not all Canadian online casinos provide such bonuses to their players.
  • Deposit Bonus—additional money for each subsequent deposit after the welcome bonus package. The size of gifts is from 50% to 100% of the amount deposited. 

We recommend to pay attention to the bonus system when choosing a game platform. It is important to look not only at the size and variety of bonuses, but also on the wagering conditions. You can withdraw the bonus money only after all the conditions of wagering are fulfilled. Be sure to check that you can withdraw the money you’ve won, because sometimes the wagering conditions are very complex.

The best casino games for beginners

For the newcomer, the question remains open as to which simple games he or she should start playing for money at land or online casinos. Specialists selected for you several basic gambling entertainment, which is easy to learn, and the chances of winning there will be the maximum.

6. Slot machines

The most popular gambling entertainment at online casinos. Slot machines are presented in a large variety, supplied by hundreds of reliable and proven developers. The main objective of the game is to spin the reels and collect winning combinations on active paylines, placing there the same symbols. Each winning combination brings a certain multiplier on the bet, which is set by the gambler.

Slots can be different, with a certain number of reels and paylines, unique rules and bonus features. A newcomer to choosing a slot machine, we recommend to pay attention to the indicators RTP and volatility. RTP—the theoretical percentage return on bets to the player, do not choose slots with an indicator below 95%, the higher it is, the more chances to win. Volatility reflects how much can change the size of your balance during the game. High volatility says that the chances of winning are small, but the winnings themselves are quite large. Low volatility is more suitable for beginners, the winnings are not as big, but the risks are minimal.

5. Blackjack

A popular card game that even beginners can master. The main objective is to collect 21 blackjack points, or very close to it, by defeating the dealer. It is important that the total number of points does not exceed 21, because it is considered a loss. 

Cards with a numerical value bring the number of points that corresponds to their face value. Jacks, queens and kings are valued at 10 points. Ace can be valued at 11 points, but its value can also be 1 point, depending on how the gambler tries to use it. Blackjack gameplay is very fast, and it is easy to work out a winning strategy, and the winnings can be very big.

4. Roulette

For centuries, roulette remains one of the most popular gambling entertainments in the world. The basic essence of the game is quite simple. The player needs to choose their stake and its size. You can bet on a certain number, a group of numbers, even or odd, red or black sector, zero, etc. After the bets are made, the dealer rotates the roulette wheel clockwise and throws the ball in a counterclockwise direction. If the ball stops in the correct sector, the player wins.

3. Craps

A popular dice game that can also be chosen by beginners. The main goal of the game is to guess what the total number of rolled dice on the gaming table will produce. There is Street Craps, where you play against other real opponents at the table. There is also Casino Craps, where the gambler can play against the dealer in a special game room.

2. Baccarat

A simple card game that is popular in Canada and can be an ideal choice for beginners. The main goal of the game is to collect 9 points or as close to this value as possible from the received 2-3 cards. Even if you don’t have any skills, you can figure things out quickly. Cards with a numerical value between 2 and 9 bring the number of points that corresponds to their face value. Cards 10, Jack, Queen and King bring 0 points. An Ace is worth 1 point. 

1. Video poker

A fairly simple variant of poker, which can be quickly mastered by a beginner. Five cards appear randomly on the screen, using them, players can create a certain poker combination. The gambler can mark those cards that remain in play. Cards that are not marked will be replaced by others, after which the final winning combination can be assembled.

Even if the gambler has never played poker before, he will be able to figure it all out. Here there are no several stages of bidding, there is no dealer, and the gameplay is very fast. All possible combinations are immediately displayed on the screen, the gambler can easily navigate during their formation.


These are the best tips for beginners who are trying to win real money in gambling entertainment. Above, you will also find recommendations for the best games that are ideal for beginners. Follow the recommendations to take less risk and win more often.

Most importantly, a beginner should understand that gambling entertainment does not offer a 100% guarantee of winning. There is no strategy or recommendation that will completely eliminate risks. That is why you need to change your attitude towards casino games, to use them for the purpose of entertainment, not for making money. Of course, you need to think soberly, set limits and avoid addiction.