How to Play Poker Slots: A Quick Guide!

Playing poker slots.
Abstract Blurred background of Casino in Las Vegas city in Nevada USA. Source: Depositphotos

How do you play poker slots? Poker has been an inseparable part of online casinos and gambling ever since one can remember. A poker game is prevalent in many forms like Texas Hold ’em, Omaha Hi, Seven-star stud, and more. Poker slots or Video poker is another popular form of poker where your luck and skills are tested on Canadian casino portals

So, how do you play poker slots? Before we get on to some simple beginner’s tips, let us know what poker slots/ video poker is.

What is video poker?

Video poker or poker slots is a poker game that has fixed odds and a 5-card draw. You can easily find video poker at most online casinos. You will even spot a terminal for poker slots at real casinos. However, despite the “slots” in their name, poker slots do not entirely rely upon luck. They need skills like any other poker game.

One reason that poker slots are everyone’s favourite is because it is a homogenous amalgamation of the most popular table game and the slot machine technique. Poker is one of the most beloved table games of all time. It has become synonymous with casinos and gambling. In popular culture, a movie scene in a casino almost always shows a game of poker.

There are other table games that movie directors can show on screen, but there is something about the hero and the villain locking horns over a poker table that cannot be recreated with other table games. As for gamblers, they love playing poker because it is a game of both skill and luck. It has intensity and fun, which makes playing poker enjoyable.

Slots or pokies need no introduction among online players. Slots are popular because they are easy to play, are based entirely on luck, modern technology has made pokies quite interactive, and the rewards are enormous. Pokies are best when you want to have some casual fun at the casino and not exhaust yourself with strategies and calculations.

You create a blockbuster game when you join two of the most popular games and video poker, exactly that.

How to Play Video Poker?

The basic steps of playing video poker are simple. You start by selecting a video poker game, inserting the bet in the video poker machine(you click on the bet if it is an online casino), then press or clicking the “deal” button. But there is much more to video poker than this. Suppose you want to play and be a better video poker player. In that case, you have to know about video poker hands, about video poker machines, about each paytable, and the basic video poker strategy.

We will learn all about playing video poker in this article. We start by learning about all poker games’ cornerstones: the card values and winning hand combinations.

Individual values of the cards in video poker games

There are many types of video poker games, but the cards’ values are the same across all. Video poker uses a 52-card deck, and their values and ranks are as follows:

Rank 1: Ace ( face value is either 11 or 1)

Rank 2: King ( face value is 10)

Rank 3: Queen (face value is 10)

Rank 4: Jack (face value is 10)

Rank 5: Face value of 10

Rank 6: Face value of 9

Rank 7: Face value of 8

Rank 8: Face value of 7

Rank 9: Face value of 6

Rank 10: Face value of 5

Rank 11: Face value of 4

Rank 12: Face value of 3

Rank 13: Face value of 2

Notice that the face value of every face card is 10. The Ace can either be of face value 11 or 1. There are four suits in a deck of cards, but they do not have any individual value but are crucial in making poker-winning hand combinations.