How Much Should I Budget To Visit Canada?

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The size of Canada makes it one of the most expensive travel destinations and its taxes should be one of the reasons you need to carefully plan your trip and budget. Canada has almost 10 million square kilometers to explore, and the place abounds with unique beauties to behold.

You may be trying to figure out how much money you need to budget for your trip to Canada, this is an important step when planning for a vacation. There’s a need to budget your money when you intend to visit Canada for vacation. 

So we have provided you with how much to expect during your stay in Canada.

Here’s How Much To Budget When Visiting Canada 

Daily Expenses Budget

When it comes to daily expenses in Canada, it depends on what you came to do over there. You are expected to spend around $310 for a fine dining restaurant with drinks per person or more around Canada, while if you opt for a standard nice meal costing you about $20 per person. 

There are rental listings Toronto that you may consider for your accommodation. Search online to find a respectable source for apartment rent, and book in advance. Online platforms, such as Rentola, for example, offer huge accommodation options to meet any budget. 

 Also, if you want a private tour, it will cost you about $650 per day. However, for those going for self-guided tours to visit the outdoor sights, it can be offered for free. Note that costs vary, the prices here are given based on the cost of average living for this type of vacation.


Average Daily Food Budget in Canada

Even though food prices in Canada can vary, the average daily food cost in Canada is CA$50. Though this figure is gotten from the average spending habits of previous visitors. But if you want to dine out for an average meal in Canada, then it will cost you around CA$20 per person.  

In Canada, the cost of lunch and dinner is more than breakfast. While the cost of street foods is less than sit-down restaurants. 

Cost of Entertainment and Attractions

The entrance fee for Canada’s Wonderland theme park without tax cost about $40. Movie tickets will cost about $15 to $20. For a typical museum entrance, it will cost around $20 to $30.

However, some Canadian cities will have an attractions pass which may save you some money when visiting a certain number of attractions within a period. 

To park for an hour in some places in Canada will cost you around $5 to $10 or $25 per day. While you should expect to pay about $45 per day to park your car in hotels in some major cities.

Average Daily Accommodation Budget in Canada

You should expect to spend about half of your daily expenditures on accommodation in Canada. Note that the country has a wide range of dorms, hostels, vacation rentals beds, and camping gadgets, including most international brands.

However, the average cost of accommodation in Canada for one person is about CA$110. But accommodation for two people who intend to share a typical double-occupancy hotel room should expect to pay an average price for a hotel room of CA$210.


Canada is a home of beautiful landmarks, but note that when visiting, you should make a budget for tipping. This is because tipping is customary in Canada. Averagely, a typical Canadian tips around 15% to 20% for services. Services include hairdressers and beauticians, cab drivers, restaurant and bar servers, hotel bellhops, and many more. 

However, if you want to visit Canada, we would advise you to convert your money through your credit card for purchases and make larger ATM local currency withdrawals at Canadian banks one that should last you a few days so you don’t spend more money for frequent withdrawals.