How Body Builders Maintain Workout Excellence and Motivation

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Well, here are just a few insider tips and inspiration. They might just help you find your own path to the best muscle growth possible! 

They look at their diet and supplements

It isn’t just about exercise – diet, supplements and other options should not be overlooked. For example, search online with the search phrase “steroids online Canada” to find reputable sellers of quality steroids. All count hugely to great success and increased motivation to workout well. Overall excellence is only achieved when you look at every aspect of lifestyle and food, vitamins and other supplements play a big role. As a bodybuilder, if you want to stay healthy you need to balance the training with eating right.

When training they think about their rivals

So, imagine you’re competing with a rival – but they’re just a little bit ahead of you. It makes you want to give up, but then something kicks in and you realize you want to beat him – so you take that as inspiration and get fired up. The key is to always imagine your rival is bigger – that way you’ll never run out of motivation

They take recovery weeks – and don’t feel guilty

This is hugely important. Every two months, pros take a recovery week. No exercise, nothing – just focussing on diet and rest. This is just as important mentally as it is, physically. It’ll keep you motivated and keen and help you concentrate when you do return. 

When someone says ‘you can’t do it’ prove them wrong

If someone tells a pro they can’t achieve something, then they will take that as a learning opportunity – and prove that person wrong. They’ll use the chance to practise and train harder at the gym. There’s no sweeter feeling than wrong footing someone who has dissed your performance or training methods. Do this of your own free will. You’ll achieve if you want to – sometimes believing in yourself when someone else has run you down can give you all the motivation you need. 

They find someone to train with…

Sometimes buddying up with someone is all the motivation a bodybuilder needs to keep going. You can work together to achieve goals and spur each other on. This means you’re also helping others out, too – which can be another huge motivator for excellence. Having someone else look up to – and vice versa is a great way to stay focussed. Knowing there is mutual admiration for how two people train and perform is key to maintaining success and aspiration. 

They regularly change up their workout routines

Regular changes to workout routines help improve excellence and motivation. Every two months if possible, but at least twice a year. Doing the same routine day in, day out week after week can become demotivating – but keeping things fresh will ensure progress and no boredom! 

They compare themselves to other bodybuilders

Now normally, comparisons to others aren’t a good thing. However, some pros on the scene use comparisons with other competitors as a key motivator. It helps if it’s someone bigger than you are – that keeps things more real. Saying “I want to be just like them” and then going for it with training and diet is something to spur people on. 

There you have it – just a few methods for how bodybuilders maintain their excellence year on year.

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