Foot Fetish Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts of Foot Fetishism

Woman wearing nylon stockings.
Nylon feet. Source: Shutterstock

Do you have a long-standing fascination with all things feet? Are you aroused by the sight, smell, or feel of feet? If you answered yes, chances are, you have an unacknowledged foot fetish. 

5 Things to Know When Trying Out Feet Play 

Attraction to feet is one of the most common fetishes. Based on this data, your partner will probably be more than okay experimenting with feet play. However, before you begin, here are some foot fetish etiquettes you should know about. 

Respect Your Partner’s Preferences

In its basic form, a foot fetish is defined as a pronounced interest in feet. However, it covers a broad spectrum of preferences and activities like all fetishes. In fact, your significant other can be turned on by anything foot-related, from sexy footwear to dirty socks.

Some people are even aroused by the sight and smell of dirty feet. Other preferences observed in feet fetishes include fixation for


  • Big feet
  • Small feet
  • High arches
  • Small toe shape
  • Long/thin feet
  • Rounded/petite feet 

Moreover, every individual will want to incorporate feet pics differently into their routine. For example, some will simply want to admire, rub, or massage their feet. Others may want to be sexually stimulated by feet, even to the point of insertion. Whatever their preferences, you must be respectful of your partner’s choices. 

Have an Open Mind

As mentioned, feet fetishes cover a broad spectrum. This fixation commonly includes a fondness for smelling feet. Many feet fetishists also like sucking on or having their toes sucked. 

Moreover, BDSM elements also play a significant role in foot fetishes. According to experts, the cultural associations of feet play a role in these instances. In most cultures, feet are a sign of strength and stability. S&M-based feet play incorporates this into a sexual experience for feet fetishists. 

Therefore, some people may like having a foot placed on their face. Some may even prefer being stepped on, albeit gently. Also called trembling, this form of foot domination is common in feet fetish circles. 

Humiliation and physical and psychological domination are essential parts of such practices. For example, trembling involves a receptive and a dominant partner. The former lies on the ground in a specific position. Next, the dominant partner places the soles of the feet on their face. Finally, they may exert pressure depending on their preference. 

A good partner is always receptive to such interests. You must be open-minded and do your best to support your significant other’s inclinations. 

Be Communicative

Your partner may be experiencing hesitations about feet despite what they tell you. Most people growing up are told how gross their feet are. As a result, they may have continued to be turned off by feet even into adulthood. 

The key to experimenting is, therefore, to keep communication lines open. It would help if you made it a point to ask your partner what they like specifically. Instead of jumping in headfirst, you can also start small. Gentle foot massages are a great way to get them to relax.

Moreover, feet-based stimulation may also help them associate their feet with pleasure. If your partner continues to be hesitant about feet play, give them some time. Meanwhile, you can get a spa treatment or a new nail paint to make your feet look more appealing. 

You can also incorporate other elements to make your feet look more attractive. For example, you can use heels, stockings, pantyhoses, socks, shoes, jewellery, and even oil. Since everyone has different preferences, the key is finding a look they like. 

Another factor that may hold your partner back is shame. If they have unusual preferences, they will likely feel self-conscious. For example, if they are inclined to dirty, smelly feet, they will be too embarrassed to tell you about them. It is, therefore, your job to initiate conversation and make them feel comfortable. It is essential that they do not feel judged. 

As in any sexual play, feet fetishes/feet play should operate on consent. You need to have your partner’s permission when initiating these activities. Consent may even be required when discussing feet fetishisms. 

Moreover, it would help if you were respectful of their boundaries. For example, your significant other may be uncomfortable pursuing some of your interests. In such cases, you need to make them feel safe. Instead of pushing ahead, let them know that you understand.

Even in sexual play, where consent is dubious, strict boundaries must be established. S&M play, in particular, requires safewords. Moreover, when indulging in such activities, both parties should be aware of the exchange of power involved. 

Moreover, your partner may be unwilling to disclose their inclination to the world. In such cases, you must respect their privacy and keep the info to yourself. 

Educate Yourself

Knowing more about feet fetishes will ensure a more enjoyable experience for you and your partner. Reading up on the subject before your activities will help you figure out essential points/components like

  • The issues of consent
  • Safety issues
  • Use of toys

For example, reading about food fetishes will ensure you know when to ask for consent. Likewise, based on the info, you will know when your partner is expressing discomfort. 

Moreover, this data is doubly necessary if you are indulging in humiliation-based play.

BDSM element sin feet fetishes require a thorough understanding of dom-sub responsibilities. Additionally, if you participate in activities like trampling, you must educate yourself about the associated risks.

For example, you must know where and how much pressure to apply. Excessive or unrestrained play can result in injuries if not checked properly. Moreover, the risk of injury increases if you are using toys and metal objects. Reading and preparing for these probabilities helps ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


However, if your partner continues to be hesitant, you can ease them into feet fetishes. Looking up feet pics and videos on Feet Finder is a great way to get into feet play. Browsing images of feet on the internet may help them figure out what they personally like. And sites like Feet Finder offers great options for buyers and sellers alike when it comes to feet pics.