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Are you looking for a doggy daycare to send your furry friend to in Calgary but can’t decide on which one? Dogtopia of Calgary is a doggy daycare where your pet is sure to have the most exciting day and stay safe while doing so.

Often we have certain commitments during the week, or we can’t always leave our dogs alone when we’re going to work, especially when we know that we’ll have to stay longer hours. Or we simply want to ensure our four-legged friends have an exciting day socializing with other dogs and humans in an environment filled with endless love, trusted support, and comfort for their all-around development.

In such a scenario, finding the perfect place for your dog to romp and socialize is essential. Dogtopia Calgary is one such place that provides endless love, trusted support, and a secure place for your dog to have the most exciting day with their furry friends.

1. About Dogtopia of Calgary

Dogtopia of Calgary is located in Downtown Calgary. They have a clean, well-maintained, state-of-the-art facility, which is equipped with a daycare, spa, and boarding services for dogs. The main aim of Dogtopia Enterprises, 2022 is to ensure that all their canine clients can let their hair down with their friends and have the most exciting day at their safe and spacious facility is being carried out.

Dogtopia of Calgary offers the following facilities for your pup to have a safe and exciting day:

1.1. Compressed Pressurized Mats and Climate-Controlled Play Pens

Dogtopia of Calgary has climate-controlled playrooms with rubber flooring, which are much healthier for older dogs, dogs with hip dysplasia, or other joint problems. Or for breeds who are more prone to heat exhaustion. There’s no shortage of fresh air due to the fresh air exchange happening throughout the day.

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Usually, the temperature is at a bright 70 degrees to ensure that none of their canine clients’ play sessions are affected by the weather and the risk of illness by parasites or bugs is on the lower side.

1.2 Webcam Access

You can access the webcams at Dogtopia of Calgary, which are placed in every room and are accessible anytime through the day except at night time and in naptime. You can use your smartphone or computer to access the webcams and check up on your furry friend whenever you miss them.

1.3. Supervised Open Playpens

The playpens at Dogtopia of Calgary have an off-the-leash provision, which means your pup can frolic with their new furry friends and have the most exciting day every time they’re at a dog daycare, and you don’t even have to take them to any parks. And they’re always under supervision to ensure their safety is never compromised.

1.4. Highly-Trained Professionals

Dogtopia of Calgary has a very capable team of dog care professionals who are trained to deal with dogs, will give them lots of love and attention, and can pick up on dogs’ body language cues to take action accordingly so no pup has to be uncomfortable for long periods.

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Source: Dogtopia Calgary

2. An Exciting Day at the Dogtopia of Downtown Calgary

As a dog parent myself, I think I speak on behalf of all dog parents when I say that my pup is just like my family’s baby, and their safety and well-being are of utmost priority. But we also know the crazy shenanigans our pups will get up to when left to their own devices.

An interesting thing about the Dogtopia of Downtown Calgary is that their dog daycare is built like a children’s daycare facility. Your furry friend will have an exciting day learning useful socialization skills; around humans and dogs, make new furry friends, and will be kept otherwise engaged so they do not make too much trouble.

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Additionally, they have spa services so that your pup comes back to you tired but clean and happy after the most exciting day, as well as doggy daycare, and boarding services, for all your pup’s needs.

All breeds are welcome at Dogtopia of Calgary; there is no discrimination among the doggos.

3. Services and Pricing

The services and pricing packages for doggy daycare, boarding, spa, grooming, and training are listed on the Dogtopia of Calgary official website.

3.1. Dog Daycare

You can send your dog to a full day of dog daycare for $48 or a half day consisting of 5 hours or less, at $30.

Instead of paying every day, if you enroll your for dog daycare at Dogtopia of Calgary for longer periods, your costs will look like this:

  • 1 Day/Week       $43
  • 2 Days/Week     $79
  • 3 Days/Week     $105
  • 5 Days/Week     $159

You won’t have to pay each time you go to Dogtopia of Calgary as you’ll be auto-billed, your pup will get VIP perks, you can drop your pup off as early as 6 am from Monday-Friday, and you’ll earn loyalty points. Additionally, you can purchase pass packages for 5 days and 10 days, at $230 and $450 respectively. They will remain valid for 1 year from purchase, and can only be used towards daycare.

3.2. Dog Boarding

Now you won’t have to worry about leaving your dog alone at night. Dogtopia of Calgary offers boarding services at $64 for leaving your dog overnight. It is recommended that new dogs have dog daycare for at least three days before staying overnight so they feel comfortable and familiarized with their environment and the people. Enrolled dogs will get priority reservations for overnight boarding.

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Source: Dogtopia Calgary

3.3. Grooming & Spa Services

Proper grooming for your canine is more than having a cute pup. Proper hair hygiene is crucial for having a healthy pup since it helps to get rid of bugs, parasites, and shedding and you can discover any underlying health conditions that your pet may have. Dogtopia of Calgary offers the following spa and grooming services for their furry clients:

  • Bath, Blowout, and Brushing services start at $30.
  • While not all pups may be a fan of nail trimming, it is necessary especially if they’re living indoors with the whole fam. Nails are trimmed at $15.
  • If your pup is not a fan of nail clippers, then you can safely get their nails trimmed with a dremel at $20.
  • You can get your pup’s ears cleaned for $10 only.
  • Bad doggy breath can be annoying, not to mention all the germs when our pups are slobbering all over the furniture. Here, you can get your pup’s teeth brushed for a clean mouth at $10 dollars only.
  • Dogtopia of Calgary offers FURminator shampoo and brushes to ensure your pup is free of all insects, bloodsucking or otherwise, which you can add on for $5.
  • You can get your pup’s fur brushed and blown out starting at $20.
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Source: Dogtopia Calgary

While prices may vary, you can get an idea of what the average costs will look like to treat your pup to Dogtopia’s spa services, since a clean dog is a happy dog, You can ask at the reception for the exact prices when you bring your pup in, or you can contact us at Dogtopia of Downtown Calgary for the services and pricing, or discover any information you need on the Dogtopia app.

3.4. Training Services

Dogtopia of Calgary also offers training services for your pups, the list of which you can find on Dogtopia’s website, and choose the services which suit your needs.

4. Programs by the Dogtopia Foundation

The Dogtopia foundation has a special mission that all its organizations are dedicated to.

Dogtopia foundation‘s aim is to enable dogs to positively impact the world.

Dogtopia is working towards this mission primarily by funding programs and employment initiatives. They are at present supporting three worthy causes centering around dogs for veterans, youth literacy, and employment initiatives for autistic inddividuals.

4.1. Service Dogs for Veterans

The Dogtopia foundation funds and supports research and training programs that enable dogs to positively change the world of the US military service veterans who have come back with mental and physical impediments.

4.2. Youth Literacy Programs

Learning to read can feel stressful for children, but it shouldn’t be. Dogtopia supports programs dedicated to training and registering therapy dog teams as a cheery and encouraging audience for young children learning to read. They also provide opportunities to dog parents, and their pups to volunteer for this worthy cause.

4.3. Employment Initiatives for Adults having Autism

Dogtopia of Calgary supports programs to employ individuals with autism. They currently are funding programs that employ persons with autism, including hiring them at their stores by outsourcing employment support services to ensure that these individuals gain experience and success at work.

Their programs are concerned with these three worthy causes which are making a profound impact on the lives of countless people; and the dogs involved, who are just having the most exciting day of their lives every day. Any donation you make to the foundation will go towards funding programs focused around these causes for organizations supported by Dogtopia.

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Source: Dogtopia Calgary

5. Contact Dogtopia of Downtown Calgary

At the Downtown Calgary facility, every pup is special. They understand that every dog is unique, and thus finding the daycare, spa, and boarding services that are best suited for your pup. You can call on 403-452-3355, download the Dogtopia app or fill out the contact form, to take a step closer to your pup’s most exciting day at Dogtopia of Downtown Calgary.

6. Social Media

To discover more about Dogtopia, you can connect with us at the official website of Dogtopia of Downtown Calgary, where you can book a tour with your pup for a new exciting day. Or you can ask any questions you have, which will be answered to the best of their knowledgeable and supportive team’s capability.

Additionally, you can discover the Dogtopia app, which is available for download on the Apple Store, and Google Play Store. The dogtopia app will have all the information you need regarding the facility of Downtown Calgary.

You can also discover their presence on:





Discover other accounts and reviews of some of the pups who have had the most exciting day in Downtown Calgary.

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7. Conclusion

Sending your dogs to dog daycare should not be a worrisome task. The facility of Dogtopia of Calgary offers a variety of services that will keep your dog engaged and happy. Your four-legged friend will come back to you happy, tired, and with improved behavioral skills after an exciting day if you choose Dogtopia of Calgary.

Additionally, you will be joining an organization that enables dogs to positively change the lives of the people they come in contact with, especially with programs focused on three worthy causes for dogs and people. So, hurry, check out their website, book your pup’s first visit to Dogtopia Calgary, and see them have the most exciting day together.

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