Celebrities Who Love to Play Bingo

Playing Bingo.
Playing Bingo. Source: Shutterstock

Bingo is one of the easiest games to play. All you do is pick the numbers you think can win and wait for your fate. Thanks to its simplicity, bingo is an inclusive game – anyone can play it regardless of age. And if you want to play and make an informed choice of where, you can read some of the Yay Bingo reviews, for example. Thus, it’s not surprising that celebrities, too, have taken a liking to this game. Let’s consider some celebrities who have openly expressed their love for bingo!

And if you want to play and want to make an informed choice of where to play, you can read some of the Yay Bingo reviews, for example.

Celebrities Who Love Bingo

Bingo is not only fun and easy, but it is also home to social interactions. Many have made friends in bingo halls and pursued these relationships beyond the walls. It thus makes for an overall exciting game that has appealed to the following celebrities:


  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine’s love for bingo did not start in adulthood. Instead, it dates to her younger days when she would personalize bingo cards and balls and play the game as she wished. As she grew older, this enthrallment with the game did not cease. When she was not busy learning her lines, she was playing bingo. And she continues to do so with her husband and children, giving life to a tradition that has served her over the decades.


  • Robbie Williams

Robbie is a legend whose music soothes the heart. But what does he do when he’s not busy creating tunes? It turns out that Robbie enjoys bingo even more than most bingo lovers. Not only does he play the usual games, but he’s also very active in charity bingo. He and his friends show up to the games, mark their cards, and await the caller to learn their fates. If you’ve not played in a physical bingo hall, perhaps playing in one would let you in on the joys of being surrounded by anxious players.


  • Kate Moss

Would you ever think a rockstar supermodel would enjoy bingo in her alone time? Just like Catherine, Kate started playing bingo long before strutting on the catwalk. And even as she gained fame and started gracing magazine covers, that love did not end. She still enjoys playing bingo when she can. And as a twist to the traditional game, she plays online.

Kate, like other bingo players, has realized that online bingo comes with several benefits, such as:

  • Convenience: She can play the game 24/7 whenever she wants. And she does not need to travel to a bingo hall,
  • Affordability: Buying tickets in bingo halls can sometimes be pricey due to overheads. But online bingo games are quite affordable, especially when you get a bonus that reduces your initial investment.

Online bingo also has a social element, as most sites have social media pages, community forums, and live chats. Thus, it’s never a dull moment.


  • Russell Crowe

If you’ve seen Russell in his element, you know he takes on demanding roles. You would hardly think he would ever play bingo as it has simplistic gameplay compared to his roles. But that’s not the case. Once he’s done shooting, he likes to unwind by playing a game or two. Like Kate and Catherine, his love for the game dates to his pre-fame days. And he is unwilling to step away from a game that gives him so much joy.


  • Courtney Cox

This amazing actress made her mark when she starred in Friends, a show that still excites people to date. And soon after that, she embarked on many other shows, including Cougar Town, another hit. With such a busy schedule, you’d think she’d barely have enough time to enjoy a game. But that’s the beauty of bingo – its simplicity allows you to enjoy it even when you have lines to learn within minutes. And Courtney appreciates this, playing the game with her closest friends whenever she can get away from her work!