Canada’s Legislation On The Use Of SOL Casinos

 The ownership and control of any gambling establishment, especially casinos, are subject to strict laws. Casino gambling of any form differs from nation to nation as each has its own governing body. Therefore, these bodies are what make and modify the laws. 

Subsequently, these commissions report to their agencies, country, state, or local authorities. For example, in Canada, each province makes its laws surrounding gambling. However, they are the ones who enforce the rules and ensure no illegal activity occurs. 


Nevertheless, crypto bookies, including SOL casinos in Canada, adhere to only the rules in the province in which they are available. However, when gamblers register on a gambling platform, they should be aware of the laws surrounding gambling in that region.


Therefore, this article will discuss the legislation surrounding SOL casinos in Canada. Also, we will provide information on all the different gambling regulators in Canada.

Previous Laws Surrounding Online Gambling in Canada 

Any form of gambling in Canada was under heavy laws and regulations. This law was widespread for physical casinos, as the government needed to ensure no shady operations were taking place. Subsequently, the laws slowly reduced as many Canadians started to show interest.  


Therefore, the government slowly allowed gambling at specific casino gambling events. As a result, the rules became increasingly lenient, and the casino gambling sector gradually expanded.


The introduction of online gambling brought a new dawn for gambling in Canada. However, it brought about changes that many of these bodies could not control. Therefore, the laws surrounding online gambling are not as firm. 


Consequently, the regulations are much more relaxed with crypto bookies like SOL casinos. Gambling on online casinos in Canada is legal as each of their regulatory provinces permits their operations. 

Canada’s legislation laws on the use of SOL casinos


The Solana currency is a digital currency, and these coins are very rampant when making payments in Canada. To know the laws, you first need to ask if cryptocurrencies are allowed in Canada. All operations of digital currencies, including that of an SOL, are entirely legal. Multiple organizations and businesses in Canada always give the option of using these coins to their customers. 


Since cryptocurrencies are allowed as means of payment, the next dilemma would be to know if they are suitable for gambling. Indeed, if you can use it for making payments, you can use it in gambling. 


Hence, the origination of platforms like SOL casinos. The laws surrounding SOL casinos are similar to that of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and other cryptocurrency-operated casinos. According to the laws brought about by each local gambling body in Canada, SOL casinos are not numerous. There are only two laws worth pointing out, which are:

1. No underage gambling


The bodies controlling and monitoring SOL casinos in their province enforce this rule to the farthest end. They are very strict on preventing underage gambling of any kind. Therefore, this is the most critical rule they expect bookies to ensure. 


The age limit for gambling in each province varies; some may be higher than others. Nevertheless, it depends on what the governing body chooses for its area. The minimal age limit usually ranges from 18 to 19.

2. Must have a license from a gambling authority


Before any gambling platform can operate in Canada, it must satisfy this law. If it doesn’t, bettors should avoid them as they could foreclose at any time. However,  SOL casinos operate under the province’s license in which they are available. Other non-Canadian appointments are still present on their platforms. 


These top SOL casinos have multiple permits, proving that they aim to offer the best to their customers. Therefore, this law enables these authorities to ensure transparency, safety, and quality services to Canadian bettors. 

Different gambling regulators present in Canada


These gambling regulators and authorities are what issue licenses to Canadian bettors. Following are a few gaming regulators and the provinces in which they operate.

● Kahnawake gaming commission 


The Kahnawake gaming commission is the most significant legislative body in Canada. It licenses a lot of online casino gambling bookies. Hence, they also regulate some SOL casinos present in Canada. Furthermore, they are also known for the regulations of different gaming establishments. This is because they operate within the Kahnawake jurisdiction. 

● British Columbia Gaming policy and enforcement branch 


They regulate all means of gambling in their jurisdiction. Like other regulators, they are capable of issuing licenses to gambling establishments. Hence, casinos can operate with the BC gaming policy license.

● Ontario igaming 


Ontario igaming is a subsidiary of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. It mainly focuses on the online gambling aspects, which include crypto casinos. However, it is still slightly new, and only some casinos may have heard of it. So, these casinos may either have the AGCO license or that of Ontario igaming. Their laws are only valid in Ontario.

● Loto Quebec

It regulates all forms of gambling within Quebec, the second most populated province in Canada. 

Ways To Know If You Are Playing On A Regulated SOL Casino


With so many unregulated or unlicensed crypto casinos in the industry, you need to be alert to avoid joining them. Hence, here are a few ways of identifying regulated SOL casinos. 

● The gaming license 


As discussed earlier, the gaming license tells you whether a site is regulated. Therefore, it is always the first thing to check for when you visit an SOL casino. From this license, you can identify which province regulates it. 

● Type of Casino games present 


Regulated SOL casinos do not use cheap out in their options. They are ready to offer quality services to their customers to ensure smooth sailing on their platforms. Since the casino gambling industry is vast, these platforms should be able to cater to at least a few options for each game.

● Bonuses


These regulatory bodies ensure these casinos get what they truly deserve. For example, once a bettor registers on a platform, they are entitled to a bonus. So they guarantee that no forum cheats the bettors. 


The main reason bettors are worried about the legislation of a platform is to know its legality and avoid breaking laws. However, having discovered that operating in SOL casinos is safe and highly beneficial in Canada, bettors can start using the Solana coin for gambling purposes.

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