Bookmakers and KYC Checks: What Do You Need to Know?

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It is an International and local requirement for bookmakers to conduct thorough client verification checks for the safety of both parties involved. This is crucial specially to prevent underage kids or addicts who are a part of the self-exclusion program from playing. Which is even more difficult now because people can create an alternate identity on the net. Authentic affiliate sites such as CA provide a list of popular casino and sports betting sites that usually need KYC verification before making transactions involving real money. 


A high street bookmaker can confirm someone’s age by simply asking for an ID. However, online it is mandatory to submit a “Know Your Customer” or KYC to prevent people from forging false identities. Account verification is also crucial for the customer’s safety as it protects the user’s accounts from criminal activities such as money laundering and so on. This confirmation of identity assures the safety of the funds of the client and also protects the bookmaker from financial loss in the future.


Operators are required to make these checks before allowing a first deposit or first bet, even in the case of a free bet or promotion. Though this process might prevent first-time users to play as soon as they want, renowned casinos and gambling companies try to make the KYC process as fast and accurate as possible. Gambling lovers looking for legitimate casinos usually plan trips to Canada, though online gambling is a convenient choice too. 

The Know Your Сustomer (KYC) Process

First, a player needs to go and create an account on a betting site of their choosing. Though not all sites have the same KYC process it is usually as follows:


  1. Select and click on a betting site.
  2. Click on the Sign-Up link.
  3. Fill in important details like name, email and phone number, and so on.
  4. Read the terms and conditions of the site.
  5. Submit the form to initiate the registration process.
  6. The online bookie would need to confirm the email address. After which the players would get an email verification where they have to click.
  7. The player has to go to verify their account, by clicking on the “Profile” section of the account and locating the “Verification” option.
  8.  Submit valid documents and wait for processing. Verifying Your Identity.

What Personal Documents Can Bookmakers Request?

Depending upon the law of the state or country the personal information that the bookmaker would demand can change. But a reputed gambling company will at least as for the following. 


  • A copy of the customer’s bank statement to confirm the details. 
  • Sometimes the Copy of A recent utility bill is to understand the financial position of the customer.
  • Credit Card Details if any. 
  • A copy of the customer’s Driver’s Licence, or any other accepted form of age verification, like birth certificates, and so on.


Obviously, in an online setting, these documents have to be transferred electronically. Which would mean uploading the files in most cases. Or in certain rare cases, the operators might request to send a mail. 


It is crucial to read the rules and instructions given on the site which would also guide them regarding what specific documents they are expected to produce to verify their account. The bookmaker first makes to make sure that the customer is real, has attained the age of consent, and is not a gambler who has signed up for a self-exclusion scheme. They are also required to make sure that the customer is not a robot. 


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