You Must Visit These Best 10 Restaurants In Cornwall Ontario

Restaurants in Cornwall Ontario
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Are you planning to spend your upcoming holidays in Cornwall Ontario? Here we are with detailed information about some of the popular Cornwall categories restaurants in Cornwall Ontario, Canada.

You will find the engaging menu, amazing dishes, good table service, and your favourite menu options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in these most popular restaurants. But first of all, let’s talk a little bit about Cornwall.


It is a famous country in the southwest of the UK and is known for its beautiful coastline, spectacular beaches, and stunning landscapes. Who would not love to be a part of this natural beauty!!

In recent times, Cornwall has become very famous in the food scene and is giving tough competition to rivals. Many local food producers and stellar chefs provide the best local and regional foods.

There are various options for you, from brand-name establishment-type restaurants to fast food fares and old local food stores all over the areas of Cornwall. Also, a large number of star-rated hotels with hotel brand popular amenities are available. If you are planning to visit here, just have a look at the Cornwall view map.

Must-Try Restaurants In Cornwall Ontario

A wonderful journey is always incomplete without the perfect food and amenities. So, have a look at the list of popular restaurants in Cornwall Ontario.

1. Casa Paolo

Restaurants In cornwall ontario
Image Source: Casa Paolo Facebook Page

It is a family-owned restaurant which is located at 1600 Vincent Massey, Dr. Cornwall ON K6H 5R6.

Key Features

It is one of the best restaurants in Cornwall Ontario, which offers the best Italian food and homemade cuisine with great taste. The place is well decorated with perfect ambiance and friendly service. You are supposed to follow their mask-wearing guidelines, considering the safety measures.

Food and Drinks

Some of the famous dishes include succulent steaks, several chicken dishes, seafood, Cesar salad, burger shrimp pasta, and Hot Italian rolls. You can also opt for some vegetarian and friendly vegan options in this restaurant.

Sip any tasty dessert, coffee and soup here and don’t miss to taste the exquisite martinis. They also have a great collection of selected beers and wines.

2. Truffles Burger Bar

Restaurants in Cornwall Ontario
Image Source: Truffles Burger Bar Facebook Page

The truffles Burger Bar is among the highest-rating restaurants in Cornwall Ontario, where you can eat exotic burgers and some amazing fast food. Located at 155 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 3P5.

Key Features

This restaurant is right aside from the famous Historic SDJ Jail. The decor is divine, and the atmosphere here is peaceful.

Food And Drinks

If you love eating burgers, then this is the place you can’t skip. Have the best and maximum varieties of delicious burgers here. Order the chicken wings, crabs, hamburgers, soups, chicken curry, fish fries, and chips. You can get all the things at very affordable prices. Eating the chocolate lava cakes here after some spicy and amazing burgers is an incredible experience.

3. Sheep’s Head Bistro

Restaurants in Cornwall Ontario
Image source: Sheep’s Head Bistro Facebook Page

A small bistro near the St. Lawrence river is located at 18299 Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County Rd 2, Cornwall ON K6H 5R5.

Key Features

Experience the joy of having your favourite cuisines with some wine in an intimate seating and trendy atmosphere. The excellent staff service is always ready to satisfy the diner. There is an outdoor patio and indoor dining service, but you should make a reservation as this bistro is very popular in Cornwall.

Food And drinks

The Sheep’s Head Bistro focuses on using fresh and quality ingredients sourced from local producers. The flavours and aroma are always on point.

Enjoy the eggs, benny, salads, special sheep’s head burger, poutines, and waffles in brunch. Also, try their soups, mussels, steaks, poke nachos, chicken wings, cheeseburgers, and more meals delicious items for lunch and dinner. The bistro also offers coffees and teas, Nespresso and Digestifs. You can learn more about their menu by browsing their website.

4. The Spicy Pearl

Restaurants in Cornwall Ontario
Image Source: The Spicy Pearl Facebook Page

Another popular restaurant in Cornwall Ontario, is The Spicy Pearl which is located at 9 First st. East, Cornwall ON, K6H 1K5.

Key Features

It is a famous Caribbean restaurant in Cornwall that gives you homely vibes and tastes. You can have fun with your friends and family in the warm atmosphere and good vibes. Enjoy the delicious food and service the restaurant has to offer.

Food And Drinks

The specialty of this restaurant is Haitian and Jamaican food. Some of the famous items from their menu are curry goat, rice, griot, patties, curry chicken, oxtail, marinades, and shrimp spring rolls.

If you are visiting there nearby, then you must plan to go to stop at this fantastic restaurant and satisfy your tastebuds. I’m sure you’ll want more food after taking a bite there.

Post-Covid 19, they are taking all essential safety measures that include mask-wearing guidelines, added sanitation procedures, and more dietary restrictions.

5. Thum’s Kitchen Thai Cuisine

Restaurants in Cornwall Ontario
Image Source: Thum’s Kitchen Facebook Page

Thum’s Kitchen Thai Cuisine is among the famous and authentic Thai Dining restaurants in Cornwall Ontario. It is located at 1615 Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON, K6H 3G3.

Key Features

Have a memorable and authentic dining experience at this family-owned restaurant since 2011. The awarded-winner restaurant focuses on satisfying the customers’ needs by providing them with the best meal prepared from naturally sourced ingredients. The staff is quite attentive and helpful.

The beautiful restaurant has extensive decor with unique Thai things decorated. The huge carved wood sculptures, 3-D reliefs on the walls, table cloths, and silverware, everything in there seems culturally inspired. There is a free parking lot at the side and behind the restaurant.

Food and Drinks

Enter the Thai food zone and their special cuisine, which includes a variety of seafood and fish, chicken, pork and beef, soups and salads, and lots of yummy desserts all in one place.

Some of their popular food items are Red chicken curry, Tom Yum soup, Pad thai, Stir-fried pork, and Drunken noodles.

6. Fairy Sweet Gourmet Bakery

Restaurants in Cornwall Ontario
Image Source: Fairy Sweet Facebook Page

It is among one of the top-rated bakery restaurants in Cornwall Ontario, located at 11 Second st. West, Cornwall ON, K6J 1G3.

Key Features

Get engaged with the fresh and tastiest baked items in this confectionary restaurant. Enjoy the breakfast and lunch along with yummy baked products.

Food And Drinks

If you are living a Keto lifestyle, then this is the perfect place for you to try the fabulous keto treats. Even if you are a non-keto, you would love their amazing food.

You will love their homemade chocolates, amazing cakes, and cupcakes if you have a sweet tooth. Kids also love this place for their yummy strawberry cream, vanilla, Nutella, pistachio, and creative chocolates. Some of their unique goods are pastries, donuts, and cookies. You can also order lovely cakes for your special occasions.

To know about Best Birthday Cake Spots in Vancouver, click here.

7. Sunshine Chinese Restaurant

The Sunshine Pizza and Chinese Food Restaurant was voted the most favourite Asian restaurant in Cornwall. It is located at 17305 Cornwall centre Rd. unit 1, Cornwall ON K6K 1K5.

Key Features

This Chinese is famous for its variety of pizzas offered. The service is excellent, and the food served here is always fresh.

Food And Drinks

The special-oriented dishes include curried beef, chicken, and shrimp. Also, taste the soups, chicken fried rice, egg rolls, and spring rolls. You can try their combination plates or complete Chinese dinners. You would get them at a very reasonable price.

The pizza served here is delicious as well as attractive. There is also the option of online delivery.

8. Eight Zero Zero

Restaurants in Cornwall Ontario
Image Source: Eight Zero Zero Facebook Page

One of the finest dining restaurants in Cornwall Ontario, is Eight Zero Zero, located at 903 Brookdale Ave, Cornwall, ON, K6J 4P3.

Key Features

Eight Zero Zero is a famous steakhouse and fine dining restaurant which offers a healthy lifestyle diet.

There is enough space for private gatherings. Plenty of seating for small and large groups, and a relaxing lounge is also available. It is a perfect place for your night out with friends.

Food And Drinks

The restaurant has a variety of menu options for everyone. Be it the pasta, grill food, pizza, salad, fries, sandwiches, steak, or the main course food items. You would most certainly love to try each one.

Some of the famous foods served here are steak sandwiches, chicken wings, grilled pork tenderloin, seafood linguine, steak pasta, cabbage rolls, and many more fabulous dishes. Everything is perfect and delicious.

A good collection of wine and cocktails is there for your relaxation.

9. Riverside Restaurant

Restaurants in Cornwall Ontario
Image Source: Riverside Restaurant Facebook Page

If you are on your trip to Cornwall and looking for someplace where you can have a decent Italian menu, then you must visit the Riverside restaurant located at 837 Montreal Road, Cornwall, ON, K6H 1C7.

Key Features

It is one of the highly-rated restaurants in Cornwall Ontario, appreciated for its lovely decor and peaceful ambiance. It serves the best of Italian and Canadian cuisines. The wonderful and helpful staff with perfect service is always a plus point.

Food and Drinks

The Riverside Restaurant serves the best pizza in the whole of Montreal and surrounding areas, and you must have this. Enjoy the appetizers and other Italian foods here with aromatic flavours and freshness.

Some special items and dishes served here are Spaghetti mushrooms and chicken, lasagna, garlic bread with cheese, rigatoni meat sauce, hamburger, cheeseburger, and hot chicken. You would love to eat these mouth-watering dishes and wish to visit this place again and again.

10. Schnitzels European Flavours

Restaurants in Cornwall Ontario
Image Source: Schnitzles Facebook Page

Schnitzels European Flavors is among the must-visit restaurants in Cornwall Ontario, known for its European spirit and flavours. It is located at 158 Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON, K6J 3P4.

Key Features

You can experience the European culture at Schnitzels, the fully inspired restaurant with European food, wine, beer, and people. The beautiful atmosphere and incredible service will never make you feel disappointed.

Food And Drinks

Some delicious food options in this restaurant are mussels, sausage, French onion soup, perogies, seared scallops, salads, pasta, fries, poutines, and not to forget the famous schnitzels.

Kids also love this place as it offers amazing fast food like burgers, small pizza, pasta, and much more.

Several drink offerings include a variety of juices, tea, coffee, and beer.

Above, we mentioned the 10 must-try restaurants in Cornwall Ontario for your convenience. Why not enjoy the best food and cuisines while on a trip and make it more relaxing and unforgettable!!!

So visit these restaurants in Cornwall for a wonderful experience, and don’t forget to review this article and write your experience of these restaurants in Cornwall Ontario.


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