Benefit From Online Gambling And Ontario Law Changes

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Not so long ago it seemed impossible to think that online gambling would ever be legalized in Ontario. But, that’s exactly what happened in 2022 and that means a world of opportunity has been created for everyone.

Whether you’re already gambling online or you’re interested in giving it a try, this change in legislation is positive and affects you.

The Change In Legislation

Prior to the change in legislation, you will have been able to undertake single-sports betting.

Previously, Ontario residents were able to access single-game betting opportunities, provided they used an overseas operator.

However, the new legislation means that it is now possible to undertake online gaming. That means accessing online casinos, classic games such as roulette, and even an array of slot machines.

It’s estimated $500 million is spent on online gaming every year. The majority of these funds are sent to companies outside of Canada.

The change in legislation, allows Canadian companies to offer the online gambling experience, presenting you with an array of benefits.

Of course, the regulation also makes it easier for Ontario to tax profits and boost government income.

Why Legislation Is A Step Forward

Previously, if you wanted to try online gambling you would need to register with a business registered outside of Ontario. In reality, that means a business outside of Canada.

It’s important to note that online gambling wasn’t illegal, there were no laws banning it but also no laws allowing it.

In short, you could bet online with a company based outside of Canada and potentially win money.

The problem is any company based outside of Canada won’t be constrained by Canadian laws. You’ll find it very difficult to remove funds from an online gambling account. In most cases, you simply won’t win, even though you think you should.

The legislation allows genuine operators to register with the Ontario gaming commission. Once they demonstrate their compliance with the laws they can be given a license.

Currently, several businesses have achieved a license, Mansion casino is one of them, and worth looking at.

There are several benefits when choosing an operator licensed in Ontario:

  •       Safety

When you choose an operator licensed and regulated by the iGaming Ontario (iGO), your funds and personal details are safer.

The regulations insist that data protection is taken seriously. All deposits are properly protected and independent of operator funds, and the business is legitimate.

In other words, you can enjoy gambling knowing that, if you win anything, you’ll be able to collect your winnings.

  •       Accountability

Operators must be accountable under the new legislation. That means they need to keep logs of transactions and show that everyone has a fair chance of winning.

In addition, they should provide detailed guidelines to all players, ensuring you know what you are doing and what you could lose.

Accountability means you won’t blindly gamble online, knowing what you have to lose makes it easier to say yes, or no.

  •       Fairness

Anyone operating within the iGO guidelines must ensure they offer fair games. That means you have a reasonable chance of winning.

That doesn’t mean you should gamble wildly, the best approach is to gamble for fun and only with funds you can afford to lose.

  •       Support

Gambling can be addictive. A non-regulated off-shore operator doesn’t worry about this, they simply want your money.

A regulated business will help you by giving you limit-setting options, tips and information to get the most from your gambling experience, and they will help you see the difference between responsible and reckless gambling.

In short, they’ll help you to have fun and possibly win money.

  •       Responsible Gaming

Regulated operators are confined by the rules and regulations. That means more checks to verify age and ensure everything is done within the parameters of the law.

Some people have voiced concerns that the new legislation will increase gambling addiction. The reality is that regulated gambling operators are committed to fair and responsible gaming. In other words, they will help all organizations monitor the industry and reduce the likelihood of addiction.

Getting Started With Online Gambling

Knowing that online gambling is now legal and that you’ll be better protected should be all the incentive you need to switch operators.

If you’re planning to switch or try online betting for the first time, you need to choose an operator.

At the moment the list is limited but there are increasing numbers of local operators looking to build in the Canadian marketplace.

It’s best to visit the official iGO site and you’ll see a list of regulated and licensed operators.

When you visit an operator’s site, check that they are registered in Canada and they have the iGO logo.

It doesn’t just mean your funds and bets are better protected, it also means you’re gambling legally.