Amusement Parks in Halifax: 5 Interesting and Must Visit Options

amusement parks in halifax
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The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, the Canadian Museum of Immigration, and the art gallery of Nova Scotia are some of the top recommended places to visit. These places can be visited alongside the most famous amusement parks in Halifax.

Halifax is regarded as one of the best cities in Canada. Because some of the major events which have been impactful in changing  the course of human history. For example, the world war, the Halifax explosion, immigrant migration, and the first protestant settlement are linked to this city.

5 Famous Amusement Parks in Halifax Nova Scotia:

Here is a list of the best amusement parks in Halifax Nova Scotia where you can just enjoy and have so much fun.

1) Atlantic Splash Adventure in Nova Scotia

Atlantic Splash Adventure used to be Atlantic Playland because at that time water park wasn’t included. But now the same park is renewed by adding plenty of zig-zag water slides with kid rides, family rides, batting cages, games, and other entertainment activities. One of the most famous amusement parks in Halifax.

amusement parks in halifax
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This amusement park has something for every age group. It has space for a family picnic program, nearby restaurants easily accessible, budget-friendly, safe, and clean.

The water park is like a cherry on the cake. So you don’t have to wander around Nova Scotia in search of fun. To all the adrenaline seekers your dream place is here in Hammond Plains.

2) Hop! Skip! Jump! Indoor play space

Just like the name the area is very interesting and vibrant. It is suitable for toddlers to middle-aged kids. You can have fun around with a lot of things to do like wall climbing, rock climbing, laser maze, trampoline, ball pits, and much more.

Hop! Skip! Jump! is among the top-rated amusement parks in Halifax. It has a cafe named The Coffee Break that sells kid-friendly snacks and drinks.

It is appreciated for great service, is budget-friendly, and is huge with a separate area for toddlers and bigger kids. Parents can sit comfortably in chairs or can join their kids in games.

3) Ferry Terminal Park in Nova Scotia

Ferry terminal park is a kind of park that can be visited to gain some peace of mind since the location of the park is around a harbor in Dartmouth.

The park is not much famous in Nova Scotia but has a great lake view to offer with boats passing by. Some other attractions are

  • benches to sit and fix your gaze on the skyline,
  • a good walking space with your pet,
  • have a little playground with equipment for kids to play,
  • has world peace pavilion where there lay stones from all around the world, and is closer to cafes, local shops, and a library.

The open theme of the park gives you tranquility, silence, serenity, and fresh air to breathe.

terminal park
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Around the ferry terminal park lies Alderney Landing which is a cultural complex composed of shops selling local produce, handcrafted gifts, fresh food items, drinks, and a lot more.

So the place is a proper mix of crowd and cloud where the one side is lively and the other side is not so loud.

4) Halifax Exhibition Center in Nova Scotia

The exhibition center of Halifax is in Goodwood, Nova Scotia. It is a highly recommended place to visit during some event and festival which is celebrated all over Canada. For example, music events, sporting events, car/boat/RV shows, public shows, and trade shows.

Besides these, the place can be booked for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and dinner parties. There is a huge display of awesome exhibits during trade shows and international events with lighting and decoration all around.

Some pristine painting shows happen in summer like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel shows. In this a big collection of world-famous paintings are reproduced and displayed in the Halifax Exhibition Center.

The artwork of the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is showcased wonderfully and the event was named as Beyond Van Gogh. For all the event and art lovers you can’t subtract the place from the list of best amusement parks in Halifax.

5) Oaklawn farm zoo in Nova Scotia

Nearest to the bay of fundy in Aylesford, Nova Scotia in a traditional farm-like setting lies Oaklawn farm zoo. It has a fair entry fee and a spacious parking lot that displays a wide variety of domestic, exotic, and endangered species.

This zoo is known for having a good number of cats, primates, reptiles, mammals, and birds with a restaurant and a gift shop attached.

amusement park
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And because the zoo exists nearby bay of fundy which is known for its geopark, high tides, and beaches. So visiting a place like this is going to be a wholesome treat for your family or friends and kids anyway love wildlife watching.

Concluding Thought About Amusement Parks in Halifax

Just like museums, art galleries, ships, harbors, and beaches, amusement parks in Halifax are plenty. In this article, the above-mentioned parks are of a different kind. But exist in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Atlantic Splash Adventure is a kind of amusement park which is perfect for adrenaline seekers. To have so much fun with rides and water slides, it is suitable for all age groups. But the indoor play space Hop! Skip! Jump! is a kid-friendly space suitable for toddlers to middle-aged kids.

But both promise you joy and fun. Whereas the ferry terminal park is a common park ground offering the best of scenic views and quality time with oneself.

Halifax Exhibition Center is a vibrant space by remaining mostly eventful and artful with a lot to display, teach, and entertain. People mostly put here so much effort to make things go right and thus memorable.

And the Oaklawn farm zoo is a family-owned space. Inviting people to become friendlier with wildlife by learning about the nature of some of the animals and by feeding corn to goats, deer, and ducks if allowed.

These are some of the most famous amusement parks in Halifax which have been put out there for you to choose from and enjoy.

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