What are the 9 Famous Fish Markets in Ottawa?

Fish Market In Ottawa
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Ottawa is known worldwide for its unique culture and trade. One thing which makes Ottawa famous in terms of cuisine is the fresh fish used in its dishes. The fishes come from the famous fish market in Ottawa.

You can find these fish markets in different locations in the city. Besides this, you will also find other stores and restaurants adjacent to these fish markets.

The fish that are found in these markets are known to have the utmost delicious flavor. Moreover, many restaurants present in these fish markets are mentioned as the world’s top-class seafood-serving restaurants. 

1. Fish Market in Ottawa

This place is famous for its culture, people and fantastic seafood. Ottawa is famous for its various fish markets. These fish markets offer fresh fish to their customers.

Many renowned restaurants use fish from these fish markets. In restaurants, the fish is transformed into delicious seafood with expert advice.

Fish Market In Ottawa
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Fish is an excellent source of beta-omega. The fish is served in a meal with calamari, oysters, and chips. This ingredient increases its flavour. It is worth mentioning that the restaurants are mainly famous for their fish quality and vibrant texture. 

1.1. Merivale Fish Market in Ottawa

The Merivale fish market provides excellent food fish. They have amazing and high-quality fresh fish. The fishes belonging to this place have very high hopes in terms of their taste. There are countless hotels near the markets that use the fish from these markets. 

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1.2. Rayan Poissonnerie and Restaurant 

Rayan Poissonerie restaurant is having one of the best dining rooms in Ottawa. They sever seafood with vegetables and fries. You can book your tables in this restaurant through online mode. They also have their own bar. The atmosphere here is very vibrant. Mussels and patio are some other items present on their menu. 

1.3. Pelican Seafood Market 

Another very popular fish market in Ottawa is the Pelican Seafood Market. They provide fresh fish. Many small business people have their shop in this market. The photos of this market are very popular on online platforms. And the price here is affordable.

This place is very populated at night times. The people working at this place are generous and fun-loving. Restaurant light batter is the center attraction of this market.

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The restaurants here have their own private small and cozy dining room. You can do a reservation for your favorite table in these restaurants and can enjoy the grilled paella with some calamari dish for lunch. 

1.4. Lapointe Fish and Restaurant 

Another very amazing service provider of fish markets and restaurants is Lapointe fish restaurant. Lapointe fish has a very delicious and mouth-watering taste. Lapointe fish can be served at dinner, and lunch as a meal with some chips, fries, and wine. 

1.5. Wellington Wholesale Seafood 

Another seafood market present in the city is Wellington Wholesale Seafood in Canada. You can visit the shop here at any time. The shopkeepers are friendly and helpful. Many of the restaurant’s services at this place are served mostly by family members, including husband and wife or mother and son. 

The shop at Wellington wholesale seafood accepts both COD as well as online transactions. Taking in terms of their reviews, So, they have good reviews in Canada.

1.6. The Seafood Grill Fish Market in Ottawa

The fish market and dining room are connected at this place. This place has reliable and tasty food dishes. The seafood grill is also the part of Merivale fish market.  

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1.7. Byward Fish Market in Ottawa 

This Byward market is open on all seven days. The timing varies from day to day. This market is working for the last 140 years. The staff here is majorly working for the last 25 years. The staff along with the other services here are very good. 

1.8. Green Fresh Supermarket 

The Green Fresh Supermarket provides good and fresh seafood products. They also provide fresh vegetables to its customers. Their food product quality is amazing and unbeatable.  Moreover, you can also buy seafood here at a wholesale rate. 

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1.9. Red Seafood Mart 

Red seafood mart is another supermarket for seafood. Car parking, home delivery, a restaurant and a bar are some common services available in this mart. Crabs and prawns are some other sources of attraction here. 

2. Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Are the price of the fish in these markets affordable?

Ans: Yes, the price is affordable in these fish markets. 

Q2. Taking photos of these fish markets allowed?

Ans: Yes, taking photos here at these fish markets is allowed. 

Q3. Is the review of the restaurants in these fish markets good? 

Ans: Yes, the review of this restaurant is very good. 

Q4. How is the environment of these famous fish markets in Ottawa?

Ans: The place is filled with good shrimp food and vibrant energy. 

Q5. How is food quality served in these restaurants present in the fish market in Ottawa? 

Ans: It is worth mentioning that you will enjoy your meal here. The food quality served here is exceptional. Your first-time experience will be very significant here.

3. Final Note

The fish market in Ottawa is the number one Asian fish market. However, the places mentioned above can be a bit crowded, especially during the evening time. Furthermore, considering the reviews given by locals and other people who have spent their time here, this place is very good.

The staff here is very helpful. The food service is fantastic. You can visit this place at any time. This place has many takeaway places. Additionally, it will be best to make some reservations since the place can be crowded. 

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