8 Ways to Reduce Stress While Flying

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Whether it’s a fear of flying or a dislike of travel in general, many people get anxious when it comes to flying. There’s a lot to go through before dropping off bags at luggage storage in LAX. Going to the airport unprepared is sure to ruffle your feathers. With just a few simple tricks, you can transform flying from the part of the trip you’re most worried about into the most relaxing time of your journey!

#1. Smart Booking

One of the easiest ways to have a less stressful flight is to book your trip during off-peak days. Wednesdays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays are often less busy, and unconventional flight times will usually have fewer passengers. Choosing off-peak flights will mean less airport congestion, more room on the plane, and possibly better fares. Taking the red-eye will also make it that much easier to get some rest during the flight, ensuring you’re ready to go right out of the boarding gate.

#2. Speeding Through Security

Airports have become synonymous with wasting time, much of which is thanks to security measures to keep passengers safe. Dressing for the TSA security check will help you through the area much more quickly. Slim-fitting bottoms such as yoga or track pants will make pat-downs less common. Dress in light layers as well so they’re easy to remove during screening. Any unneeded jackets and sweaters can be put in some luggage storage in LAX once you’ve landed.

#3. Go For the Upgrade

It’s almost a meme that business class is preferable to coach, so getting an upgrade is a great way to increase your comfort during your flight. Many airlines offer Elite Passenger programs that will let you upgrade your tickets. You can also fly with someone who is already an elite member and piggyback off of their ticket. Trading miles is also an option, and many passengers choose overbooked flights just to get an upgrade on a later, less congested trip!

#4. Remote Check-In

Going to the airport is almost synonymous with waiting in lines, and few are worse than check-ins. You can skip the queue entirely by doing so at home via PC or even from your phone. Whether you’re running late or ahead of schedule, those extra minutes will be less time twiddling your thumbs. There may also be lower fees and shorter lines for checked baggage, saving you even more time before the flight. 

#5. The Early Bird

There are other ways you can help free up time before a flight. Getting to the airport early will give you plenty of freedom to get those last-minute tasks such as picking up water and grabbing a quick bite to eat. On the return trip, it’ll be easy to grab your gear from the luggage storage in LAX before your flight, too. More time means less stress, making your flight that much more enjoyable.

#6. Prepare Your Devices

Phones and tablets supply much of our media, but when you’re mid-flight, attendants aren’t too keen on wifi usage. Even if your airline offers wireless, you won’t be the only one trying to get their film fix. Get your devices ready ahead of time by downloading videos directly from streaming services and you’ll have all of the entertainment you need at your fingertips. A laptop is an excellent alternative and you can always put it into luggage storage in LAX if you don’t need it on your vacation.

#7. Pack Light

Needing to check your baggage can add a lot of time to your trip. You can avoid the hassle entirely by bringing only carry-ons and personal bags. Most airlines will let you bring these items into the cabin for storage, and you’ll have fewer bags to lug around the airport and at your destination. With proper packing, most people can fit up to two weeks’ worth of necessities in a single backpack!

#8. Comfort is Key

One of the great things about using luggage storage in LAX is being able to secure your travel items without them getting in the way of your trip. Getting comfortable on a flight with a special neck pillow and cozy blanket will surely help you sleep, and having a place to put these unnecessary items means you can stay comfortable during the flight and have less luggage to cart around. Sleeping is one of the most relaxing ways to pass the time, too, and you’ll feel rested and ready to go upon landing.

Flying Stress-Free

The key to avoiding anxiety at the airport is to prepare. With a good plan in place, you’ll know where you need to be and when. Make sure you utilize luggage storage in LAX to alleviate your baggage burdens as well. Having an anxiety-free flight will get your vacation off to the right start, or have you ready for business when you arrive. Travel is stressful even at the best of times, but with the right attitude and preparations, flying may become your favorite way to travel!

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