6 Things you can do in Mcrae Point Provincial Park

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Mcrae Provincial Park is located on a small peninsula on Lake Simcoe, where you can choose from a variety of camping spots within this park.

Others reside on picturesque plains, while some live in dense forests close to the lake’s shores. Drumlin, which is found on the park’s southern edge, is a must-see. It is covered in broadleaf forests that descend into swamps.

On the Water’s Edge Trail, be on the lookout for white ferns and rattlesnakes. To get to the south shore of McPhee Bay, the road winds its way through Mcrae Point Provincial Park Beach.

Take a break on a stunning beach and cool off in Lake Simcoe’s crystal-clear waters if you need to unwind during your stroll. The park also offers winter activities.

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Insider Things of the Mcrae Provincial Park 

  • Large and extra-large equipment pull-through sites.
  • A 1.2-kilometer nature trail close to Orillia along Lake Simcoe’s shore.
  • There are many options, including ice, firewood, novelty ice cream, and swimming.
  • All Ontario Parks merch is offered at the registration desk.
  • Within a 15-minute drive, you can get to restaurants, gas stations, shops, and conveniencesi
  • Get to Casino Rama in just 15 minutes.
  • A small boat launch, docks, and a dog beach are also present. Dogs are not allowed along 300 meters of beach 25 meters east of the parking lot across from Margaret Street from 9 am to 7 pm during daylight savings time, 10 am to 3 pm outside of daylight savings time, and off-lead at all other times.
  • This park has beautiful private Pet Amenities – a Pet Play Area (down near the beach and boat launch) Playground – Non-available Park Store – Non-available but a small smattering of things like ice cream and wood) is sold at the gate.
Mcrae Point Provincial Park
Photo by Hermes Rivera, Unsplash

Transportation and its Availability in the Mcrae Provincial Park

1. Driving

RV trailers and other motorized vehicles can easily find and access Mcrae Point Provincial Park, which is located on the shores of Lake Simcoe about 16 kilometers (10 miles) off Highway 12.

Campers and guests can easily access different areas of the park thanks to the local paved trails that are spread throughout it. The park has no restrictions on driving.

2. Parking

Mcrae Point Provincial Park has eight RV lots for trailers, trailers, and cars. There are parking lots around the north campsite and 1 parking lot around the south campsite.

Three large parking lots are located near the beach of the Park.RV Campers can also park their vehicles in designated campsite campsites. Overnight parking is also possible.

3. Public Transportation

 Public transportation. doesn’t available in the Mcrae Provincial Park

 6 Things to do in Mcrae Point Provincial Park

1. Camping

Camping is done on a reservation.125 pet-friendly RV and tent campsites can be found in the North area of Mcrae Point Provincial Park.

The campground offers RV electric hookups at every campsite. The RV length restriction at the campground is 32 feet (10 meters), but visitors with longer rigs can call ahead to inquire about availability.

The north area has water taps, pit or vault toilets, restrooms with showers, a recycling station, a garbage station, wheelchair-accessible areas, waterfront access, and parking lots.

The remaining 21 campsites in the campground are available on a first-come, first-served basis; the campground has 104 campsites that can be reserved.

Pet-friendly RV and tent campsites can be found on the south campgrounds side of Mcrae Point Provincial Park. There are only 41 RV electric hookups at the campground’s 41 campsites.

The maximum length for RVs in the campground is 32 feet (10 meters), but visitors with longer rigs can check ahead to see if there is room.

The north side consists of features water taps, pit or vault toilets, restrooms, a recycling station, a garbage station, and a parking lot.

11 campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis, leaving 67 campsites in the campground that can be reserved.

 2. Hiking and Biking 

McRae Point State Park is home to the secluded Waters Edge Trail. This trail offers visitors the opportunity to explore a diverse ecosystem and have an unforgettable experience at McRae Point.

The Trail begins near the boat dock and follows Lake Simcoe through broadleaf swamps with a variety of ferns.

Photo by Austin Ban, Unsplash

The Lake Simcoe Sunset Spectacular is a location that can be reached by continuing on the trail. The variety of ferns growing along the trail is a favorite among campers.

The viewing platform where campers can take in stunning sunsets over the lake is a unique feature of the trail. The park roads are also bike-friendly.

3. Fishing, Bird watching, and Swimming

Mcrae Point Provincial Park gives excellent fishing opportunities for RV campers to enjoy fishing.

Whitefish, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and northern pike are among the many fish species that can be caught while RV camping in Lake Simcoe. Largemouth bass, walleye, crappie, black bowfin, bullhead, brown rock bass, rainbow carp, and white carp are some of the species.

Simcoe Lake hosts 100000 trout and 15000 whitefish each year and also consists of boat lunches.

MacRae Point State Park is home to an abundance of bird species and offers plenty of birding opportunities for RV campers and visitors.
The park is home to 79 species of birds, including woodpeckers and white-throated warblers. Binoculars help you to view magnificent creatures.

Photo by Mark Olsen, Unsplash

A large, designated swimming area is available for RV campers who enjoy swimming and want to cool off in Lake Simcoe.

On the beach at the park’s extreme southwest corner is where the swimming area is located.

 4. Paddling

Whether you’re paddling a canoe, kayak, or SUP, being out on the water with your paddle is the best way to appreciate the beauty of the varied waterways in Ontario’s Lake Country.

The best way to fully experience our environment is in this way. There are a wide variety of routes for all experience levels from beginner to intermediate and ranging from 5-15 km.

Each route has a detailed map of the starting location descriptions and points of interest. Great paddle-boarding establishments can be found around Lake Ontario. Some of them provide sales, rentals, and maintenance, while others provide instruction and group lessons. 

 5. Winter Activities

Mcrae Point Provincial Park is home to many fun and exciting winter activities some of which are free and easily accessible if you have your equipment.

Plan to go skiing or snowboarding on the Simcoe County Forest trails. If you want to go snowboarding, head to Copeland Forest or one of the nearby skating rinks. You can also take a stroll through the snow-covered canopy there.

Winter activites
Photo by Gaurav K, Unsplash

Try your hand at ice fishing on our waterways by bringing your fishing gear!

Some great snowmobile trails connect you to extensive provincial trails that take you across Ontario.

 6. Discovery Program

During July and August, park staff will host a Discovery Drop-in. Explore the park, observe the animals and plants, and learn about the wonders of nature by using the tools and resources provided.

Bring your Discovery Activity Book with you or buy one there.

For more details, keep an eye out for the weekly schedule of activities posted all over the park. You can also take the Discovery Ranger Pledge and get your very own Discover Ranger Button by doing so.

Mcrae Provincial Park Offenses

 Respect for other visitors, the park environment, and one another is Ontario Parks’ only fundamental rule. According to the State Parks Protection Act of 2006, permit holders are accountable for the behavior of all campers and may be charged with crimes based on the actions of registered campers.

You can obtain copies of the State Parks and Protected Areas Act of 2006 and other laws governing the administration of state parks from the State Parks Office or online at www.elaw.com.

State Park Rangers, who have all the rights and authority of members of the Ontario Police Service in State Parks, are in charge of enforcing these laws.

Expulsion from the state park is a possibility for many of the listed infractions. A 72-hour entry ban applies to people who have been expelled from a state park.

The Footnote

If you have a site on the North side, you will either enjoy the fact that you can see everyone or despise the lack of privacy and overall noise. The south side is preferable in terms of privacy,

While the North side is ideal for camping with friends, you should be aware that the park staff enforces noise violations, which may result in fines or even eviction depending on the severity of the infraction.

Although Mcrae Point Provincial Park frequently has last-minute camping spots available, making reservations is still advised.

There are two other provincial parks in the Orillia region, Mara Provincial Park and Bass Lake Provincial Park, both of which are located within 20 kilometers of McRae Point.

Mcrae Point Provincial Park is adequate. The beach is fine. The hike is simple. However, unless you bring your additional equipment such as a boat, jet ski, kayak, bicycle, etc., or venture out to Orillia, it is little more than a place to park for a basic camping experience.

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